100 Best Boss fights: 20 – 11

Part 9 of the 100 Best Boss Fights. 20 - 11

Part 9 of the 100 Best Boss Fights. 20 - 11
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There have been some really cool, and most epic boss fights in the history of video games. But with there being so many, how do we know which ones are the best? It's all a matter of opinion, with that said this is my list for the 100 best boss fights of all time. 

What makes a boss fight the best? Well a number of things; the fight has to be memorable, it can also be epic, or outright insane. A boss fight can be unforgiving in difficultly, or it can be as simple as pressing the A button. Whatever the boss fight is, all that matters is that I enjoyed it in one way or another.

20.) Super Smash Bros. Melee - Crazy Hand / Master Hand

Getting to Master Hand was an easy task, but if you wished to test your mettle you would try and fight Crazy Hand. In order to do so you need to get to Master Hand in less than 18 minutes and without continuing, only then would Crazy Hand show up to the fight. Unlike Master Hand, Crazy Hand’s movements and attacks are fast and erratic, making the fight a lot more challenging. If you lose all your lives and have to continue, then Crazy Hand will not reappear.

19.) Twisted Metal 2 - Dark Tooth

Twisted Metal 2 is one of the best Twisted Metal games of all time. After defeating all of the enemies in Hong Kong, Dark Tooth will emerge saying “You killed my son! I want my little clown boy back!” The vehicle itself is nearly 6 times the size of Sweet Tooth and has 2 phases. After finally defeating the massive blackened ice cream truck, the spinning head on top detaches and begins attacking you. I always enjoyed the ending that is shown when you defeat Dark Tooth with Hammer Head. “We want the ability to fly!”

18.) Remember Me - Madame

This fight is really cool and requires you to use every ability at your disposal, never using the same thing twice. This 3 phase fight was brutal for me on the hard difficulty, seeing as it was a learning experience and most of the time I was getting my face smashed. Not only is it challenging in difficulty because of the endless amount of enemies coming at you, but also because of the ever-changing tactics of the fight. Definitely one of the best fights in the game.

17.) Cabal - The Submarine

A very old Nintendo Entertainment System game that is a cover-based shooter. But beware enemies can destroy your cover leaving you vulnerable to attacks. The most memorable boss fight in Cabal for me was the Submarine. Upon completing one of the stages, you come to what looks like a lake and a submarine emerges shooting a wall of bullets at you. Use your cover wisely, because the boss can destroy it in about 3 hits.


*Skip to 9:49*

16.) Gun Smoke - Wingate

Getting to Wingate in Gun Smoke is a challenge by itself, but when you actually face him you need to kill him 3 times. With his enigmatic attack patterns and constant enemies flowing in from all sides, this fight is a nightmare. I tip my hat to anyone who has managed to defeat Wingate in this NES classic.


*I am well aware that this is the PS3 version and not the NES version*

15.) Kingdoms of Amalur - Balor

The first major boss in Kingdoms Of Amalur is quite epic, and disgusting looking. The ancient Niskaru lord of destruction, Balor is fought at the final battle of Mel Senshir, where the Fateless One promptly kicks its teeth in. Just be careful for its massive eye beam attack, and its slam attack.

14.) Super Mario RPG - Culex

A secret boss that is found in Monstro Town, Culex comes with 4 crystals--Fire, Water, Lightning, and Earth--and will wipe the floor with your party if you are not near the level cap. Although Culex is not in any other game, he is a reference to the Final Fantasy series, and his master is supposedly the Black Mage.

13.) Final Fantasy 9 - Trance Kuja / Necron

Upon defeating Trance Kuja, he will use the ability Ultima which will send the entire party to the Hill of Despair, where Necron is fought. After seeing what has happened to Kuja, Necron decides that all of humanity shall be destroyed and brought back to nothingness, so that they may never experience the pain and suffering that Kuja had to endure. If you manage to defeat Necron he will be impressed with the party’s will and ability to persevere and allows the world to continue on.

12.) Bioshock - Frank Fontaine

After the legendary “Would You Kindly?” reveal scene, Jack must face Atlas aka frank Fontaine. Although the fight is fairly basic, it was the build up to this fight that really shocked me. I don’t want to spoil anything for those who have not had the pleasure of playing Bioshock, but it is well worth it.

11.) Darksiders - Tiamat

During the first phase of the fight Tiamat will fly around the outside of the tower never giving War a chance to attack her with the Chaos Eater. Instead War must throw the bomb growths at her, and then light them with the use of the Crossblade. After a few hits Tiamat will land and begin the second phase of the fight where she will face War in close quarters combat. After defeating Tiamat, War promptly removes her still beating heart from her chest, a brutal and epic death.

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