100 Best Boss Fights: 30 – 21

Part 8 of the 100 Best Boss Fights 30 - 21

There have been some really cool, and most epic boss fights in the history of video games. But with there being so many, how do we know which ones are the best? It's all a matter of opinion, with that said this is my list for the 100 best boss fights of all time. 

What makes a boss fight the best? Well a number of things; the fight has to be memorable, it can also be epic, or outright insane. A boss fight can be unforgiving in difficultly, or it can be as simple as pressing the A button. Whatever the boss fight is, all that matters is that I enjoyed it in one way or another.

30.) Resident Evil 5 - The Boulder

Resident Evil 5 got really ridiculous and hilarious at the end, especially when Chris, Sheva and Wesker all end up in a random volcano. My favorite part about the last fight with Wesker isn’t when he screams “CHRIS!!!” while melting, or the double rocket launcher attack that Chris and Sheva use to destroy Wesker; my favorite part is when Chris has a boxing match with a random boulder. The entire sequence is a quick time event, but the experience had me in stitches. Definitely one of the funniest moments in the Resident Evil franchise.

29.) World Of Warcraft - The Sha Of Fear (Heroic 10M)

The Sha Of Fear fight on normal is really epic, but the heroic version of the fight is a hundred times more amazing. The fight starts off when one of the tanks stands in a giant pillar of light and fights the Sha of Fear; after awhile he will send 5 random players to one of the terraces at the edge of the terrace of springs. There, one tank, one healer, and 3 dps must fight off a corrupted Protector of the Springs in under 60 seconds; if not then the other 5 players will be sent to another terrace and no one will be fighting him.

After you get him down to a certain amount of health, he will suck you into his world of fear, where another set of challenges awaits you; it’s basically an entirely new fight. I never had the pleasure of defeating him, but I have gotten to the second phase of the fight. Nothing is more epic than fighting off physical manifestations of your fear. Oh, almost forgot: the fight takes about 15 to 20 minutes to complete, which is one of the longest fights in the game.

28.) Super Meat Boy - Little Horn

Super Meat Boy is notorious for its controller breaking difficulty, even though the person in this video makes the boss look hilariously easy--I can assure you that you will die at least a dozen times on this boss. Little Horn sticks out because he is a giant sentient mound of dead super meat boys, quite disturbing.

27.) Jet Force Gemini - Mizar

One of my favorite N64 games, Jet Force Gemini, had an amazing fight between you and Mizar. The boss will start off by shooting meteors and lasers at you before trying to come in for the kill; make sure you jump over the shock wave he makes, that does a lot of damage. His only weakness for the beginning of the fight is his back, and it becomes open to hit only when he flies back to his perch.

26.) Castle Crashers - The Cyclops Knight

Castle Crashers is chalk-full of hilarious moments and epic references, but the Cyclops Knight fight hs the best. It's a fairly basic fight, just beat the snot out of him and avoid his attacks, but what really stood out for me during this fight was when you kill the boss. After falling into a pit of lava he gives a thumbs up as he melts, a nice reference to Terminator 2, which is one of my favorite movies.

25.) Scott Pilgrim vs The World - Gideon Graves

Getting to Gideon Graves in Scott Pilgrim vs The World is a chore by itself, but actually defeating Gideon himself is nightmarish. During the first phase of the fight Gideon is fairly tough, especially when he decides to become invincible for awhile. After you defeat Gideon he sucks you into his heart, where you must face a grotesque version of Gideon and the other evil exes. His only weakness in this phase is his heart, but be careful because the stage starts to fall apart after awhile.

24.) Black Knight Sword - The Chicken

One of the best boss fights in Black Knight Sword definitely has to be the Chicken boss. After defeating the giant fire breathing chicken, you then have to ride it through a bullet hell level and face another boss; which happens to be a giant egg that shoots lasers at you. Dodging is key for this fight, and make sure you pick up plenty of fruit; they will give you health.

23.) Charlie Murder - The Angel Of Chaos

If you manage to collect all of the body parts of smockula you are granted access to the good ending for Charlie Murder, and must face the angel of chaos to save the world. This three phase fight is definitely the best fight in the game--after knocking off one of the five bars of health that the angel of chaos has he transforms into a demon with a new set of attacks. Phase three begins when you get him down to half health, he then turns into a giant demon and spews flaming skulls at you. Make sure you have plenty of health items, you’re going to need them.

22.) Ocarina Of Time - Dark Link

Located in the notorious water temple, Dark Link will copy just about every move you do and then some. This fight is one of my all time favorite Legend of Zelda fights, because fighting a physical manifestation of yourself is always an amazing fight. Just make sure you don’t target Dark Link at all, he’ll just parry all of your attacks.

21.) Conkers Bad Fur Day - The Great Mighty Poo

There are some crappy boss fights out there, but The Great Mighty Poo in Conkers Bad Fur Day definitely takes the cake. The whole fight is a song, and the lyrics are immature but also hilarious. Conker must avoid giant globs of poop being thrown at him, and when the opportunity presents itself he must throw a roll of toilet paper in the bosses mouth. Just make sure you remember to flush.

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