13 Days Of FF13: Serah

A look at Serah Farron across the entire FFXIII series.

Day four of the countdown. Today I’m covering the one indirectly responsible for the events that starts the group on their journey in the original FFXIII, Serah Farron.

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Serah Farron:

Serah is a non-playable character in FFXIII.

Although not directly responsible for the events that happen at the beginning of the story, Serah’s final plea gives the group a common goal. Serah became a L’Cie after wandering into the Pulse Vestige in Bodhum. In the days following circumstances bring all six of the playable characters to Bodhum.

One thing leads to another and the Purge starts. Serah gets trapped within the Vestige and that prompts both Snow and Lightning into action. Vanille and Hope end up following Snow after Hope’s mother died, Sazh followed Lightning. All five cross paths after finding Serah, who asks them to save Cocoon before turning to crystal.


Serah – The Eyes Of Etro:

Serah takes the leading role in FFXIII-2.

Initially Serah set out with Noel on a journey to find Lightning. Along the way, Serah and Noel decided that they should do what they can to repair the timeline. Finding out that Serah is the same as the Seeress Yeul that appears in every timeline, the more they change the timeline the more strain that puts upon Serah’s life.

Serah, knowing the danger decides to press on anyways. In the true hero fashion, Serah puts her own safety second over the future of humanity. Unfortunately the worst happens, Serah dies and they failed to save the world.

Playing Serah:

When choosing Serah’s primary role, I recommend Ravager. Serah’s Commando scales really poorly, and is not recommended for her main. Stat gain wise, Serah beats Noel in both if you just count the stats gained in that role. If you want to go for the most optimal role, Ravager is the way to go., Noel scales better as a Commando and Serah’s Ravager is noticeably better than her Commando.

If you go Ravager the order for fastest magic gain is; Ravager, Synergist, Sentinel, Saboteur, Medic, then Commando. Following the above path is the fastest way to bring Serah’s magic up based on the total stats gained per class.

Serah only rates high compatibility in Ravager and Saboteur. Once all classes are maxed I would focus on just these two for Serah.

Lightning Returns:

Lumina/Serah Connection:

Although we know Serah died at the end of FFXIII-2, there is a character named Lumina that looks identical to Serah. What the connection is between Lumina and Serah has yet to be revealed.

That wraps up day four of the Thirteen Days of FFXIII. Let me know your theories on the Serah/Lumina connection below. For more content from the countdown, check out my Thirteen Days of FFXIII overview. Check back tomorrow for a look at Snow throughout the series.

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