13 Days Of FF13: Snow

A look at Snow through the FFXIII series.

Snow is easily the second most important character in the series. Making an appearance in the story of FFXIII-2 and playing major roles in the other two, day five is all about Snow.

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One of the playable characters of FFXIII, Snow starts as a Sentinel, Ravager, and Commando. He specializes in Water and Ice magic, unable to use Fire or Lightning. Snow’s Eidolon are the Shiva Sisters, who mirror his Ice affinity. Snow is a hand-to-hand fighter and uses gloves for his weapons.


Snows primary roles are Commado, Ravager, and Sentinel. While Snow reaches end-game with a higher strength stat then Lightning, he is actually below her on the list of best Commandos. Instead, Snow fills the role of best Sentinel in-game with the highest HP pool of any character.

Snow’s third primary role, Ravager, suffers due to his elemental affinities. Most early game monsters are weak to Fire and Lightning, which Snow cannot use.

Snow’s Story

Leader of NORA and engaged to Serah, Snow has two reasons to get involved in the situation in Bodhum. Snow is directly responsible for getting Hope’s mother involved, which leads to her death and gets Hope and Vanille caught up in the battle to save Cocoon.

Snow is more of the moral support for the team, always looking at the positive and not the negative. He likes to take the lead throughout the story, but everyone still looks to Lightning as the true leader.

Snow inspires courage in his companions and tries to protect them the best he can. He actually almost get’s himself killed protecting Hope. Snow is one of the four companions to make it out of the final battle safely at the end of FFXIII.

Tips For Playing As Snow

Due to being the best Sentinel in the game, you want to make sure you are leveling as you advance. I recommend going for two separate weapon trees on Snow: Sacrificial Circle or Power Circle.

Sacrificial Circle sacrifices HP on Snow, but at max level it grants the highest Strength stat at 1020. In addition, the max magic stat is also 1020, making it the second best weapon for Ravager Snow. Sacrificial Circle’s weapon tree also has the reduced damage synthesis skill, which is likely the best overall offensive weapon tree for Snow.

The Power Circle tree has the second highest Strength stat at 925. You do not sacrifice HP on this weapon tree which makes it ideal for defensive use. On top of removing the HP reduction, the Power Circle tree also has the physical defense synthesis skill. I recommend this tree if you’re going to main Sentinel and swap to Commando in certain situations.

As far as priority leveling on the Chrystarium, I’d recommend Sentinel, Commando, Ravager, Synergist, Saboteur, Medic. This is in order of role efficiency.


Snow is not a playable character in FFXIII-2, but he does have a role in the game.

Snow In The Sunleth Waterscape 300 AF:

Snow plays a part in the Sunleth Waterscape 300 AF progression. Lightning sent him to protect the crystal pillar that Fang and Vanille created. In 300 AF, there is a Super Flan that is eroding the pillar. This flan is the result of a double paradox and can’t be defeated normally on the progression playthrough.

Snow’s attitude grates on Noel’s nerves because of their similarities, and the fact that Noel failed where Snow seems to succeed. In the farewell scene, you see that Snow has a new L’Cie brand; this plays a part in Lightning Returns.

Unlocking Snow

While Snow isn’t a playable character, through DLC he is unlockable for your Paradigm Pack. You need to purchase Snow’s DLC in order to participate in the battle that unlocks Snow. I’ve yet to beat him, so I don’t know if beating him once is enough or if you have to farm the fight like you do for other Coliseum matches.

Lightning Returns:

Snow is opposed to Lightning at the start of the game, but how this plays out we’ll have to see for ourselves. Lumina, who looks almost identical to Serah, seems very interested in Snow. Again, it is unknown as to why this is. Snow is the last known L’Cie in the world and appears to wield an axe of ice.

Snow The Patron:

For the last five centuries, Snow has guarded Yusnaan from harm. Being the last known L’Cie, he wields amazing power. Whether he has succumbed to the Chaos that follows him, or is battling it, has yet to be answered.

This wraps up my look at Snow throughout the series. For more FFXIII content, check out my Thirteen Days of FFXIII overview. Tomorrow’s spotlight will focus on Hope.

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