Halloween is fast approaching. Still need a costume or that final piece to complete one? Try these various video game inspired costume products.

14 Game-Inspired Halloween Costumes & Accessories You Can Buy Right Now

Halloween is fast approaching. Still need a costume or that final piece to complete one? Try these various video game inspired costume products.

Halloween is fast approaching. You may have already carved a gamertastic pumpkin, but do you need something last minute for a gaming-themed costume? Decided to create your own but running out of time? The following are some amazing video game inspired creations perfect for any costume, whether it is an accessory or a major piece.

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Costume Accessories

Minecraft Weapon Set

It can take time to create the perfect Minecraft weapon to accompany your costume. Not only can this set of sword and pickaxe be a cosplay prop, it can also be a fun toy for children to play with long after Halloween is over.

Harry Potter Wands

Who doesn’t want to be a wizard? Slip on some robes and you are pretty much ready to go. But who will really know you are able to cast spells unless you have your wand?

Luckily, Etsy has these great replicas available for your next trip to Hogwarts.

Pikachu Ears Headband

Pikachu wouldn’t be Pikachu without the ears. Rosy cheeks and yellow attire may make you look more like an overly warm Charlie Brown than the iconic Pokemon without them. So don’t forget the ears!

Pokeball: Full Scale Replica

Have a Pokemon Trainer, gijinka, or other related cosplay? Looking to set it apart from every other costume in the neighborhood? A Pokeball is a must to help sell the look. A high quality Pokeball will really reel in the candy — especially with post-Pokemon Go and pre-Sun & Moon hype going strong. It could even help you win you that costume contest. Whichever you value more.

Three Dogs’ Gloves

Three Dog is an iconic figure from Fallout 3. He even makes an appearance in Fallout Shelter. Looking to copy his look but don’t have the time to craft his gloves? The above item is perfect for you.


 Joker Costume Onesie

Looking to dress up your baby but not sure where to go for a great costume? This Joker onesie is perfect to dress up your little bundle of joy while keeping them comfortable. Onesies also provide great opportunities to layer. Try layering a Batman outfit on top with a peek of the Joker underneath, representing Batman’s transformation into his nemesis in Batman Arkham City.

Baby Sushi Costume

Loved the Lickitung sushi game from Pokemon Stadium? Dress your baby up as a piece of sushi and remember the good times you had.

*Caution: Babies are not meant to eat. Costume only. Watch out for spicy sushi.*

Monkey Costume

Monkeys are adorable. They are mischevious. They throw poop at you in Don’t Starve. One of the main sources of poop in the Shipwrecked DLC, monkeys are one of the more annoying creatures in the game.

Whether your little creature is annoying, they will most certainly be adorable with this costume. Hopefully poop-throwing does not ensue while the veil is thin.


Goldeen Freddy Fazbear Costume Set

Five Nights at Freddy’s has already spawned many terrified screams. Spread that terror to your friend’s party with this Golden Freddy Fazbear costume set. Ears, hat, and a bow tie with collar make up the most important aspects of the costume. Pair that with tan colored clothes and boom — instant costume!

Scorpion Costume

Always wanted to yell “Get Over Here” at someone to scare them? Now you can be extremely intimidating in a full Scorpion costume from Mortal Kombat. Prepare to fight in Otherworld at the next Mortal Kombat tournament when wearing this realistic costume.

Dark Alice in Wonderland Costume

Have a love for Alice in Wonderland? Like dark things? American McGee’s Alice is perfect for you then! Never played it? You need to. But in the meantime, this Alice in Wonderland costume from the game is just waiting there, calling your name.

Ash Ketchum Trainer Hat and Gloves

You want to be the very best like no one ever was? Grab this set of Ash gloves and hat to become a Pokemon master! Jeans, shirt and vest not included, but can easily be found in your everyday apparel.

Skyrim Master Robes of Destruction

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim contributed quite a lot in the way of costumes. From various legendary armors to regular clothing item, there is a plethora of inspiration to chose from for Halloween apparel. Those seeking to master destruction spells can adorn themselves with these magnificent robes and wow all the neighborhood kids.

Mario Newsboy Hats

Mario and his compatriots have long been staple Halloween costumes. Easy and open to various interpretations (but still instantly recognizable), their hats are what sells the costume. Chose from 5 variations covering Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, and Fire Mario.

What other awesome gamer gear have you found for this Halloween? Let me know in the comments below!

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