15 Awesome Builds from PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator

PewDiePie's Tuber competition submissions were many (300+ pages), so we highlight 15 entrants with awesome builds so you don't have to.

PewDiePie's Tuber competition submissions were many (300+ pages), so we highlight 15 entrants with awesome builds so you don't have to.
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PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator has only been out for a short while, and already we're seeing some great builds. Players will eventually enjoy a feature that allows them to view the builds of top players. In the meantime, PewDiePie himself has decided to host a contest in his forums on BroArmy.net to find the current best build, offering a prize of verification. With 300+ pages of responses, he has quite the task cut out for him. 

Instead of sending you on a hunt, I waded through pages of poop jokes, bro fists, and inside jokes to bring you 15 of the best builds submitted. Without further ado, and in no particular order, enjoy these awesome builds.

Our first build comes from Tuber thechosentwo (aka sek10ng). Thechosentwo makes excellent use of stackable items, giving his room the appearance of a three-layer studio apartment. The first layer is a garden outside space, the second layer is his streaming office, and the topmost layer is a gaming room.

Tmoxz is next, with this awesome aquatic set up. This looks like something the boys from Tanked would drool over. Just think of the water bill for this room! I especially enjoy the columns of stacked cylinder tanks in each corner and the fist arcade games for downtime when Tmoxz takes a break from streaming on Tuber.

Here, we find that AregusTV has discovered the secret to internet success: cat videos. Who wouldn't be smiling like the pictured Tuber in a studio full of the internet's cutest superstars?

Aladdin Andig takes inspiration from late night talk shows everywhere for his room. Host desk, guest chairs, band slot, and a green screen for skits make up his personal Tuber studio. Don't even think about stealing his guitars-- security is watching.

Don't expect an invitation to RadhidhaihiaThariq's Tuber Thariqq's studio anytime soon. This exclusive set is a clubhouse quite specifically for ducks. Maya and Edgar are VIPs in the Bro Army, so they get a pug pass. This time.

What's a duck's favorite game?

Billiards, obviously.

...I'll see myself out, Thariqq...

Zagiri (aka zagiri100x) seems to have found his core message: animal sports! He has a great view of the game, with two referees and some feathered spectators to keep him company. Maya and Edgar's teams look ready to face off-- be sure to check out Zagiri's Tuber channel to see who wins.

Tomrusz's build features an impressively constructed cardboard fort. the perfect defense against anything...except, it would seem, cats. Then again, why keep them out?

This indoor garden paradise was submitted by BoredCrysis. The perfect mix of relaxing and entertaining, I could spend hours in this room. Do you think he'll stream the egg hatching? I had better subscribe to his channel just in case...

Not everyone came for the contest. Poor BigCowLover wanted everyone to know that he had been captured by an evil goldfish and was being forced to make videos. Just look at the giant electric fence keeping him inside! They could at least give him a mattress for that bed. Goodness knows we internet citizens have bad enough backs from sitting at our computers all day.

Rockyyoyo2 shows us a more classy design, with this open-office inspired layout. Do you think Maya and Edgar are there as advisers, or looking for a new Tuber to live with...? Don't tell PewDiePie!

Alipunn-kun continues the more professional aspirations with this studio. Just look at that production team! With Maya and Edgar heading the film crew and Slippy in charge of review, Alipunn-kun must put out some quality content. It's too bad he doesn't have better cohosts. One is super stiff on camera, and the other is just lifeless.

Considering October is practically synonymous with Halloween, I found TalkToHand's Tuber UseCodeSUCC's build to be thematically appropriate. Something wicked this way comes, if our skimpy summoner has anything to say out of that large tome.

Shirogue's channel highlights the age-old rivalry between cats and dogs. Slippy remains impartial as he works on a documentary following the leader from each force. Personally, I say the cats win this round-- their fort looks far more comfortable.

BadSanta was so focused on whether or not he could, he didn't question if he should. Despite an entire trilogy and a newer film explaining why this is a bad idea, BadSanta went and built a miniature Jurassic Park. Let's hope that camouflage of plants keeps the Tuber safe when those eggs hatch!

Boingin's channel focuses on the latest internet music sensation, including Slippy and the Blow-Up Dolls. Rumor has it their drummer deflated under pressure. No wonder Boingin looks so surprised!

You made it to the final slide. Ryan McCoy's (Tuber name AceDoesYouTube) Bro Fist is well-earned.

Whittling builds down to a top 15 was tough-- I don't know how PewDiePie is going to choose! Best of luck to all entrants!