2 Ways to Play Competitive Hearthstone

Weekly competitive tournaments come to the Hearthstone community.

Weekly competitive tournaments come to the Hearthstone community.

Have you been playing Hearthstone for a while and want to put your decks to the test? Maybe you’re an old school Magic: The Gathering player, or a general fan of competitive card gaming. Either way, you’ll want to clear your weekend calendar, because Major League Gaming and the National ESL are bringing competitive outlets to the Hearthstone community! Put your theory crafting to the test, hone your skills, and crush your opponents… as long as you have a beta key of course. 

Major League Gaming provides two tournament style options, free and paid entry. The ManagGrind Open is a free tournament, which awards a prize of MLG credits. The Hearthstone Challenge is the paid variant, with a cash prize equal to 75% of entry fees, along with MLG credits. These tournaments are region specific, and as of now there are options for North American and European competition. 

The ESL will bring their weekly cup every Sunday, and will be restricted to North American competition. Entry to the Hearthstone Beta Cup is free, and you can sign up by clicking here

Happy Dueling folks! Good luck, and have fun.

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