20 Amazing LoZ: Majora’s Mask Cosplays

We scoured the internet to find 20 of the best The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask costumes. Scroll through and see which ones your favorite!

We found 20 amazing The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask cosplays from around the web to get you excited for the 3DS version coming out on Thursday!

Skull Kid Cosplay by Shikarius Cosplays

There are so many small details in this costume that really set it apart. I'm dying to know how they created Majora's Mask! 

Bunny Hood Link Cosplay by Molecular Agatha

As an impatient gamer, I frequently wore the Bunny Hood during my first Majora's Mask play-through so obviously I love this Link cosplay. It's a unique spin on the classic character and definitely plays homage to one of the best masks. 

Mikau Cosplay by Takerucoh

Can we talk about how freaking awesome his guitar is? Takerucoh is on point with this Mikau cosplay. 

Postman Cosplay

Unfortunately I couldn't find this cosplayer's information, but she does an amazing gender-bent Postman cosplay. Now I wonder how her timing skills are...1..2...3...4......

Deku Scrub Cosplay by KiffaKitty

This pixelated Deku Scrub looks straight out of the classic N64 game! I really like the detail in the paint job of the face and leaves, it's identical to the in-game version. 

Tingle Cosplay by Khalfkey

"Tingle, Tingle! Kooloo-Limpah!" These two look great as gender-bent Tingles.  

Link & Epona Cosplays by Adella

In Adella's super awesome Zelda Project, there are loads of fantastic Legend of Zelda cosplays. They even have a whole set devoted to Link visiting Lon Lon Ranch, which is really cool! I love the detail and authenticity of this Link look and of course, Epona helps! 

Tatl Cosplay

Unfortunately, I couldn't find this cosplayer's information, but I love her unique take on the fairy Tatl. It's hard to see in this photo but her dress also lights up! 

Anju Cosplay by Zoroko Cosplay

My personal favorite character in Majora's Mask, I can't get enough of this beautiful Anju cosplay. She totally nailed the skirt fabric and hair color! 

Cremia Cosplay by Adella 

Another shot from Adella's Legend of Zelda Project, this Cremia cosplay is stunning. The wig to the shirt pattern to the dirt on the skirt - this costume is perfect. 

Steam Punk Majora's Mask Cosplay

I absolutely love that this costume is in black and white, it really adds to that steam punk feeling without feeling forced. It's such a unique take on a popular cosplay character. 

Playboy Bunny Link by ESKJ

Now it may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but this Playboy Bunny take on the Bunny Hood from Majora's Mask works so well as a cosplay. I especially love her Zelda inspired belt. 

Kafei Cosplay by Kia

Kafei is such a mysterious character in Majora's Mask and this shot brings that to life. 

Fierce Deity Link Cosplay by Likovacs

Fierce Deity Link is a difficult cosplay to do and Likovacs really does it justice. The armor looks phenomenal and the makeup job is fantastic.

Lulu Cosplay by Princess_Zelda

This is such an ambitious cosplay and I think she really does Lulu justice. I'd love to see how she created the head and feet! 

Tael Cosplay by Takerucoh

The second fairy costume in this round up, I was really impressed with his interpretation of Tael. The wig, the wings, the vest - it's great! 

Happy Mask Salesman by Misakochan

"You've met with a terrible fate..." Combining creepy with just the right dose of salesman-y, this costume is crazy good. I wonder how tiring carrying around all of those masks would be at a con though...

Great Fairy Cosplay by ExileFayt

Definitely not a costume for the faint of heart, this Great Fairy cosplay is spot on! How does she get her hair like that?!

Zora Link Cosplay by Knux Cosplay

Another spectacular cosplay, this Zora Link costume is absolutely perfect. I really love how he recreated the spots on his body to give the costume some visual depth. 

Kawaii Majora's Mask & Moon

We were unable to find the cosplayers, but of course we had to put this in!