3 Games That Are Even Better Drunk

Everything is better when you're drunk. Especially games.

What’s better than playing games with your friends? Playing them drunk! So you gather up some buddies on a Friday/Saturday night, set up some snacks, games, and the most important ingredient of all: alcohol. If you haven’t tried playing games drunk, you definitely should. It alters your perception of reality, literally. Let’s say you’re not the hanging out in a group type of person; drinking and gaming is certainly still an option. Here are three games that I’ve played drunk alone and with friends.

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3. Rockband/Guitar Hero

rockband and guitar hero

Okay, so this is an old one, and most of you have probably forgotten all about these games by now, but if you or your friends still have them, get them out along with some alcohol! You’d be surprised how much more fun and difficult pushing some buttons can get. The colours will swim before your eyes and even Easy mode will seem like an algebra problem. Challenge your intoxicated brains and see if you can play Freebird on Expert! 

2. Doom 3, Dead Space, or any dark and scary game


These games may not seem so scary to you sober, but when you’re drunk, everything is enhanced. Also, aiming may be a problem, but that’s okay. You won’t remember how much of a fool you made out of yourself unless you record it or a sober friend reminds you in the morning. Delve into the darkness and see what your damaged brain cells find. Just don’t fall over and hit yourself on the head when something jumps out at you. Play alone or with others, but it’s much more terrifying alone, in the dark, if you want to get the full experience.     

1. Mario Kart 


Relive your childhood days with a drop (or shot glass) of adulthood! The type of games where you get to race are awesome when you’re drunk. It’s like drinking and driving but you don’t get fined or injured. Also, either no one will get mad at each other for pushing them off the track, or everyone will yell at each other for being such a shitty driver. It’s okay, you’ll all be friends again in the morning, unless someone remembers your horrible driving. This can also be played alone, but it’s much more fun with others. 

Remember: Drink responsibly and don’t blame the games. It was the alcohol that made you play so badly

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