Dedicated fans have spent lots of time creating fan art of their favorite Zelda games. Let's take a moment out of our days to appreciate some of their pieces!

30 pieces of epic Legend of Zelda fan art

Dedicated fans have spent lots of time creating fan art of their favorite Zelda games. Let's take a moment out of our days to appreciate some of their pieces!

Some amazing creativity has been channeled into fan art of peoples' favorite games. The Legend of Zelda series has inspired many pieces, and the Internet is positively brimming with beautiful art in tribute to the games. Here are 30 pieces based on A Link Between Worlds, Majora's Mask, Ocarina of Time, Skyward Sword, Twilight Princess and The Wind Waker.

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Zelda A Link Between Worlds : Link and Ravio - by Kurama-chan

This piece is adorable! Ravio is Link's counterpart, but he's also a resident of Lorule, and thus mirrors his traits in an opposite manner: cowardly instead of courageous. Of course, I do not think we could have finished much of the game without Ravio's help! This piece really speaks to the fact that the two are really opposite sides of the same coin.


Another piece full of opposites! Much of A Link Between Worlds is about the differing and flipped worlds of Hyrule and Lorule, after all, and this piece is a fitting tribute as such.

Yuga by EternaLegend

I have not had the chance to play through A Link Between Worlds fully, but Yuga still freaks me out a little. His obsession with perfection, and the fact that he turns those "perfect" things into paintings, is a little scary. All that gets captured pretty well in this image.

Ravio and Sheerow by NekoLoveLetter

Here's Ravio and his pet bird, Sheerow! This image, by NekoLoveLetter, is an awfully cute tribute to the shopkeeper who seems to gain so many of Link's rupees. Let us just hope he is not the next Beedle.

Hilda and Zelda by Ag+

And here is another dual image, this time of Zelda and Hilda. Their juxtaposition of the two brings out the differences between them, namely their color schemes and, to some extent, their very natures.

Majora's Mask by lychi

All of Link's various forms in Majora's Mask, standing side by side against the evil of the mask itself, seem quite a heroic homage to the darker Zelda game and Link's great courage.

Majora's Moon by VincentBisschop

What would have happened if Link had not been there to save Termina? Well, we all have a pretty good idea, but this image gives us an excellent visual interpretation of the cataclysm.

MM: Fierce Deity VS Majora by KurkoBoltsi

Link's final battle with Majora may have been one of the stranger ones in the series, but that did not make it any less epic. Especially if one had traded in all the masks found in-game for the Fierce Deity mask. This piece gives the battle an appropriately dramatic, and otherworldly (it is on the moon, after all) touch.

Zelda - Majoras Mask by GENZOMAN

This image seems to bring thoughts to the strange powers of the masks in Majora's Mask. Why do they have such power? Why do they even exist at all in this world of Termina? The game does not bother to explain this, but we can certainly sit and wonder while admiring this wonderful piece of art. 

The Skull Kid by JohnnyCago

This piece is especially reminiscent of that last day in Termina, when the festival in Clock Town is due to start. However, in this image the giants who would save the land from the falling moon seem distant, and there is a rather appropriate aura of despair.

Queen Gohma by Ursula Dorada

Queen Gohma, by Ursula Dorada, really captures the dark and gloomy depths of the Deku Tree and the accursed creature that lurked in there not long before his death. The image brings us right back into that boss room with Queen Gohma herself, looking down on us with that creepy single eye. I am just glad I am not actually in there.

Sheik - Legend of Zelda by nayuki-chan

What an awesome interpretation of Sheik! We do not get much of an idea how she fights from Ocarina of Time, but Super Smash Bros. gives us a better idea. And from that, this is certainly accurate.

The Six Sages - Ocarina of Time Compilation by KrisCynical

All the heroes of Ocarina of Time were rarely, if ever seen in one place and time, but this piece that throws all the sages and the Hero of Time together surely does them justice. The image is especially nostalgic in that it takes many of the important pieces of the game and places them in one composition.

Volvagia: The Subterranean Lava Dragon by Legend-tony980

This interpretation of Volvagia, the goron-eating dragon that Ganondorf attempts to release upon Hyrule, is so spot on I could mistake it for official artwork.

Ganon Revived by WesTalbott

If anything manages to portray the epic final battle of Ocarina of Time properly, it's this silk screen print by WesTalbott. Ganon's bestial roar, the clouds emerging from the crumbling ruins of Ganon's Castle...everything seems to be in the right place.

Skyward by AMSBT

Skyward is a lovely rendition of Zelda, or, if you prefer, the goddess Hylia. Perhaps it might bring up thoughts of how lazy and naive Link is at the beginning of Skyward Sword, before Zelda is snatched away and he is forced into an increasingly complex quest to save Skyloft and the world below.

Fi by Lewmus

Fi might be an irritating companion, but she surely is a gorgeous representation of both the Goddess and Master Sword. Lewmus captures her grace and ethereal nature excellently in this piece.

LOZ Skyward Sword: Link VS Ghirahim by moxie2D

Link's fights with Ghirahim were, admittedly, quite the challenge the first time through. Figuring out how to throw off the villainous representation of Demise's sword took some thought. And Ghirahim is both creepy and detestable, making this representation of Link and Ghirahim in combat quite fitting.

Awaiting His Return by Art-Zealot

Art-Zealot's rendition of Link entering the Silent Realm is probably several times more awesome than the actual Silent Realms, which are tedious at best and terrifying at worst. Sword bearing reapers flying towards me, sharpening their blades for the kill? No thank you!

Vs Demise by R-SRaven

Pretty unnatural how much Demise resembles Ganondorf. And it's even more unnatural how Demise transitions from a strange blob of a monster to a humanoid, god-like creature. However, R-SRaven's interpretation of Link's final encounter with Demise brings back fond memories of a dance of blades in the midst of a storm.

Zelda - Beast Ganon by HeavyMetalHanzo

Ganon! Get down from there, you are going to - well, he and Midna kind of break Hyrule castle in their battle anyways. But I never imagined a giant pig clinging to the top of a castle could be so...epic.

Lament of the Twilight Princess by StellaB

This incredible composition is paired with a poem by AngstOfZant. It's a little long to add here, but both pieces really do fit some of the supposedly romantic aspects of Link and Midna's relationship.

Zelda Tribute - Argorok by sarrus

Argorok is a pain-in-the-neck boss, but he sure is magnificent looking, especially in this piece by a sort of terrible, terrifying way.

Princess and her Wolf by Cindy Liu

We could go around for hours on the possible symbolism of this piece, but in the end I still have no clue what it means. Midna did ultimately save Link from the depths of Hyrule castle, but only for her own benefit. Perhaps that is exemplified here?

PUPPET ZELDA: Suspended Animation by Eddy-Shinjuku

The fact that Ganondorf, empowered by Zant, was able to possess Zelda, and use her as his puppet, is beyond disturbing. But this piece truly captures what is weird and unnatural about the whole event.

Great Fairy by Elentori

The Great Fairies in The Wind Waker are certainly more modest than many of the others in previous games, but they are no less attractive. Elentori's work replicates the fairy fountains - and a Great Fairy - quite precisely, and I cannot help but admire.

Gohma - Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker by Mystic-Forces

Gohma appears in a lot of games, but her appearance in The Wind Waker is one of the more unique ones. This image almost resembles a screenshot from the game it is so well done. I really envy Mystic-Forces' skill.

Aim for the Faceplate by Laura Bifano

Here's another piece based on a boss battle! This one is based on the battle at Forsaken Fortress with the Helmaroc King. The style is a little different, but it seems excellent for the Helmaroc King's plumage.

King Daphnes - Zelda Wind Waker Fanart by Markdotea

Markdotea fully captures the noble and distinguished air of The King of Red Lions, also known as King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule. It is truly a shame he sunk with Hyrule...

Zeruda no Densetsu: Kaze no Takuto by VKliza

VKliza's "samurai" interpretation of The Wind Waker is certainly different, but no less stunning. Though it seems unusual for the Zelda universe, it is somehow not out of place here, and I am surprised the developers at Nintendo have not actually considered something like this before.

Now I really want to play a Zelda game...

Do you have any fan art to add? Made anything yourself? Share with us in the comments below!

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