A handful of funny and kid-friendly Minecraft videos for a young, budding gamer.

5 Funny and Kid Friendly Minecraft YouTube Channels (For That Little Gamer in Your Life)

A handful of funny and kid-friendly Minecraft videos for a young, budding gamer.

I don’t have kids, and you probably don’t either.  However, like any journalist worth their weight in blocks, I keep my ear to ground, and I know that Minecraft is huge with today’s youth.  At some point, you may have to babysit a budding gamer, or perhaps try to keep your little cousin entertained and distracted (while you slaughter the police in GTA V). Or maybe you do happen to have a little Minecrafter of your own, and you just want something you both can bond over

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Whatever your situation might call for, here are 5 funny and kid-friendly Minecraft videos that are totally appropriate for any age!


Villager news

This series is undoubtedly a unanimous favorite for all ages.  With an endless supply of droopy noses, funny voices, and enough “randomness” to make PewDiePie look like a “normie,” Villager News — from the Element animation channel — will keep your young one glued to YouTube like cat honing in on a laser pointer. 

Element Animation also creates and curates a ton of other funny Minecraft series that are just as polished and slick as Villager News.


Minecraft Start Elevator

The epic first part of an upcoming series of videos, “Minecraft Start Elevator” seeks to tackle some of life’s most peculiar questions, like: “Why won’t this elevator start?”  “Who is going to fix it?” and “Why not some toe-tapping bagpipe music?” For some reason, as straightforward as the video’s storyline seems to play out, I personally can help but keep watching (yes, I’m a full grown man).

This funny, lighthearted Minecraft video is a perfect example of how creative (and much more ambitious when it comes to making content) this generation of gamers has become.  What will happen on the next installment?  Perhaps, we’ll get to know our hero the elevator repairman! I’ve got my eye on that secretary though; she’s definitely up to something…


Dig, Build, Live 

Like a bungee instructor, life in the world of Minecraft has its ups and downs, and Dig, Build, Live sets out to explore those habitual challenges in a unique way.  Using comical narratives and unique storytelling, this series devotes itself to exploring the basics of Mincraft  — spawning, crafting, mining, etc — in a completely non-technical, narrative sort of way.  Trust me, you’ll have to have to watch to understand.

The series has already wrapped season 1, but recently dropped a full-fledged, immersive 3D-video teaser on their website for season 2 – which is set to arrive this fall.



Oh, Stampy.  When it comes to funny, kid-friendly Minecraft videos, Stampy is a staple.  His child-like wonderment at practically everything he sees in the world of Minecraft makes for entertaining commentary – as he spouts off more words per minute than an auctioneer with a stuttering problem.  Nevertheless, Stampy’s is probably the most successful Minecraft channel at the moment.

With a new video published nearly every day, Stampy leaves his rabid legion of fans frothing at the mouth with a seemingly endless supply of content.  It’s a no-brainer as to why he’s so influential in the world of comical Minecraft videos. 



With a knack for funny and kid-friendly Mincecraft videos, a love of dogs, and a penchant for listening to and interacting with her fans, stacyplays is the perfect channel for any Minecraft lover, regardless of their age.  Her tone and dry wit is nice detour for your eardrums, considering the younger generation tends to gravitate toward entertainment that is the exact opposite of calm and serene.  Regardless, Stacy has quite a reputation for clean content appropriate among the younger crowd.


What are your favorite kid-friendly Minecraft channels?  Let me know in the comments below.

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