5 Gamer Sites for the Non-Redditor

Looking for other some places to catch some game related articles? Look no further.

Looking for other some places to catch some game related articles? Look no further.

Here at GameSkinny, we get our news from around the web. There are literally tens of  thousands of different sites that specialize in certain games/genres/systems. But here, we take a little bit of everything, weed out the unimportant bits, and deliver you a package that gives you the biggest headlines.

One of the biggest news aggregation sites around is Reddit (yeah it’s not all cute puppies and advice animals), and for gamers, /r/games and to a lesser extent, /r/gaming is their hub for game related news.

But why would you ever want to leave the safety of GameSkinny’s level system or Reddit’s karma. Well the simple answer is you don’t. You’re in a Hotel California type situation now. But if you are ever in a GTA style car chase, and the only way the cops will let you go is to name 5 different game sites, you can thank me later by sending me a Chili’s gift card.

You think this is a joke? I never joke about food. Some things are sacred.


Personally one of my favorite sites, and one of the biggest and oldest names in the industry (been around since 1996!). Not even counting the 11.5 million views they get from their GameFAQs site, they have so much influence on gamers, that an editorial director was fired over a deserving negative review of a game when it was feared that it would drastically harm sales. Yes, they have so much clout, companies fear them. Despite that hiccup about 15,900,000 unique visitors per month make this site one best and active sites around.


Another one of the big dogs. I personally feel that their journalism is a little stronger than Gamespot, and they bring in more unique visitors per month than the previous entry with 17,500,000. Their reviewing scores have changed over the years, but this is the best site to get accurate reviews. Arguably one of the best sites on the web for games.


It’s been around since 2004, and brings in 2,600,000 visitors per month. It deals with more tech related issues with video games, so if you want a focus on those ideas than just new screenshots of an upcoming game, this is the site for you.



Part of Gawker’s web of sites, Kotaku is an interesting entry on this list. While they are often overshadowed with their 4,100,000 visitors, they still bring very credible articles and news pieces to gamers.


Rounding off the list is the notable GameTrailers. More than what their name implies, this site brings great content  to its 6,450,000 visitors that is not solely devoted to watching segments of gameplay and game trailers. Some of the most notable podcasts and editorial hosts can be found at this site, giving it a more personal touch.

But why?

While you could find any amount of different sites such as 1up or Gamespy, these are where you will find recent news, good articles, and most interesting features. While I am not advocating choosing them over another site such as here or Reddit, diversity is the spice of life. Speaking of spicy, I could go for some Chili’s….

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