5 Gaming Villains Who Resemble Your Ex-Boyfriends

Isn't it weird how some video game villains remind you so much of your exes?

Isn't it weird how some video game villains remind you so much of your exes?
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Character: Illidan Stormrage

Game: Warcraft Series

Background: Known as the Betrayer to his own people, the night elves, Illidan manipulated his way into becoming a creature that surpassed both night elf and demon. If that wasn't bad enough, he had an unrequited obsession for his brother's wife, Tyrande. So bad, in fact, that he's tried to kill his sibling in order to obtain her.

His power, influence, and snide personality still drive players to make the trek to Outland just to roleplay with him.  

Boyfriend: The Power Player

He was the guy whose confidence, charisma, and air of authority pulled you in like a moth to flame. Problem was, he expected to be the center of your life without making you the center of his. He's also known for frequently leaving you in the lurch to pursue his own goals.  

Character: Kuja

Game: Final Fantasy IX / Final Fantasy Dissidia

Background: Kuja is, in short, a self-centered villain whose sole reason for existing was to fuel death on a massive scale as part of a plan to merge two worlds into one. His beauty and cultured facade helped him manipulate his way into creating a war. 

Boyfriend: The Pretty-Boy Charmer

Nothing's worse than a narcissist that's pretty and knows it. He tried to make you think that being with him was a gift. Even when you got tired of his bull, he still managed to suck you back in with a smile and just the right words. 

Character: Vamp

Game: Metal Gear Solid 3 Metal Gear Solid 4

Background: An open bisexual with a fetish for knives and innuendo, Vamp is a modified human with vampire-like abilities. His character manages to walk the delicate line between creepy and cool well enough to be popular among gamers.   

Boyfriend: The Primal Lover

He's the one that gave you and your parents the shudders for totally different reasons. In the emotional and social department, he's sorely lacking. But you didn't keep him around for his conversational skills, did you? 

Character: Albert Wesker 

Game: Resident Evil Series

Background: You have to admire a villain that inspires people to make mods dedicated to making him shirtless in-game. Don't go thinking that Wesker is just a pretty face though. 

On top of having model good looks and superb combat skills, Wesker was also a cunning intellectual who plotted to become a god-like being through the use of the same virus that turned large swaths of the population into zombie-like mutants and monstrosities. 

Boyfriend: The "Perfect" Guy

Flawless is the word he'd use to describe himself if asked, but anyone who really knows him would beg to differ. He has never made a mistake, despite all evidence to the contrary. There is an 80% chance that the last straw was an argument with him nitpicking over something so small and trivial that most people wouldn't have even bother mentioning in the first place. 

Character: Xemnas  

Game: Kingdom Hearts Series

Background: In the world of Kingdom Hearts, people can lose their hearts and become dark creatures called Heartless. Sometimes, the leftover memories of a person who becomes a Heartless create another race of creatures called Nobodies. 

Xemnas is the Nobody of series antagonist Xehanort, and a villain in his own right. He leads Organization XII, a group of powerful Nobodies, into creating Kingdom Hearts so that it he could rule using its power. 

Boyfriend: The Manipulator 

Lies, cheating, and the subtle art of omission are this man's trademark skills. Every answer he's ever given you just left you with more questions. Even when you confronted him about his dubious activities, he still managed to make it seem like you were just being paranoid.