6 free PS4 themes on the PSN that stand above their other free brethren

Not all free PS4 themes are created equal, you know.

Getting used to the lack of user-made themes on the PlayStation 4 took some time for most PlayStation 3 owners who migrated to its successor. It's not like having a great theme is important, but it's nice to have something pleasing to look at while you're sitting at the menu.

The PlayStation Store is filled with paid themes for the PlayStation 4, but there aren't exactly a ton of free themes that impress. Most are simple static images with no special sound.  However, there are some exceptions. Some free themes knock the others out of the park and would find a welcome home on most consoles.

Let's take a look at 6 themes on the PlayStation 4 that are worth the download if you don't want to throw money at customizing your PS4 home screen.

Oddworld New 'N' Tasty Official dynamic theme

The Oddworld series has been around the block by now, and the 2015 remake of the original Abe's Odyssey titled Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty brought this classic series to the modern market.

This theme is quite impressive for a free download, packing in animated backgrounds, machine noise (true to the series), and custom icons.

It was created by Truant Pixel, renowned dynamic theme developers with a sizable library of high quality dynamic paid themes. It's surprising this one is free, but why complain? A high quality, free PS4 theme is nothing to turn your nose up at.

Grab it up on the PlayStation Store and get downloading!

Spiral Dynamic Theme

This was one of the first free themes on the PS4 and it is still one of the most popular free ones on the PlayStation Store. Why, might you ask? Because the music is awesome.

Spiral doesn't look like anything special when you look at it on the PlayStation Store. Is a red spiral background really worth a download? It is when it comes with custom icons and a beat so good it's hard not to download it.

Here's the PlayStation Store link, but if you're just interested in the song featured in the theme, here's a YouTube video with all four minutes.

Journey Static Theme

There's not much to be said of most of the free static themes on the PlayStation Store, but the Journey one is something else. 

The static Journey theme may not have the moving background the dynamic one does, but it's pretty close. Despite being totally free, the static one retains the music, sound effects, and custom icons of the paid dynamic theme. 

This is definitely one of the more relaxing free themes up for grabs, and certainly one of the more attractive. It's worth a trip to the PlayStation Store if you want a more chill theme.

PlayStation 20th Anniversary Theme

Did you own a PlayStation? You may just want to download this bad boy on the nostalgia factor alone.

The 20th Anniversary theme doesn't look like much, but it touts the iconic PlayStation boot sounds any PlayStation owner learned to turn their TV volume down for back in the day. And good news! It's not as grating as it used to be since the sound quality is better.

This theme's background does move, though it's simply the buttons slowly flying across the screen. It also has custom icons and a remix of the PS2 and PS3 themes in the background mixed with the PS4. Its a very nice touch in a great free theme. Here's the PlayStation Store link.

Netflix Original Series: Marvel's Jessica Jones Dynamic Theme

Whether you like Netflix's Marvel: Jessica Jones show or not, it's hard to not list this among the best free themes on the PlayStation Store if only because it's one of the higher quality ones available.

As you can see in the video above this theme has a vocal track as its custom music, custom icons, and a moving background. They all mesh together very well, but it's hard to imagine non-fans digging this theme. A vocal track as the background music can be a bit jarring.

Grab it up on the PlayStation Store if you find this one to fit your tastes!

Tearaway Unfolded:The Gopher Show! Dynamic Theme

Another dynamic free theme? Color me surprised!

The Tearaway Unfolded free theme is an absolute treat whether you've played the game or just want a relaxing theme for your PlayStation 4 menu.

Like most of the better dynamic themes, this one has custom icons, music, sounds, and a moving background -- unlike most of them, it also has falling leaves, hearts, and snowflakes.

This is definitely one of the more relaxing themes out there, and it's a total steal at zero dollars to install on your PS4. Grab this cutie pie on the PlayStation Store.