Let's talk about the best games for music lovers.

7 Best Games for Music Lovers

Let's talk about the best games for music lovers.

Most music lovers understand the importance of a good tune, but video game music lovers have their own taste in music whether its rock, electronic, or pop. Some have to actually enjoy the music as they play and indulge their ears in the beautiful tunes. Music lovers can enjoy a good game but the music has to grab their attention. If you're a fan of game soundtracks, then check out seven of the best games for music lovers.

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The Metronomicon

There's a lot of video games that are popular for making you get up and dance. Rock Band has been the most popular throughout the video game universe for just that, but there are many other video games that bring dancing and fighting together.

One of the best is The Metronomicon, dancing to a tune is one thing but fighting monsters with the power of music is something a lot more interesting to see. This funky-RPG lets you take control of eight newly graduated masters of the "rhythmic combat arts." Using four tracks at a time you can control the spells and other abilities of your eight characters. Good-timing and excellent performance will determine the effectiveness of those funky moves. 

The Metronomicon appeals to all types of players. Music lovers would enjoy the newest electronic and synth wave soundtracks, bringing exciting music to a groovy game would make anyone want to dance. The game also allows music lovers to use Rock Band guitars. This funkadelic RPG game would be a hit to music fans everywhere.

Price: $19.99

Buy it on: Steam


This visually stunning 3D game sends the player on a musical  and mechanically beautiful journey. GNOG takes you through a 3D world beyond the imagination. The player explores this mechanical toy land while enjoying the intricate designs and puzzles along the way.

The soundtrack is very playful and exciting. It really makes you want to dive deeper into the game. Because of how well the music flows with the gameplay, GNOG appeals to all sorts of music lovers. 

Price: $14.99

You can purchase this exciting music adventure here.

Brutal Legend

This has got to be one of the most popular music games for RPG. This action-adventure brings the combat and open world freedom. The Demons want to take over the human race and to permanently erase heavy metal music forever.

The characters are played by an All-star cast like Jack Black and Eddie Riggs. This heavy metal action RPG is a music lovers dream. If metal is your forte, this game would be the perfect rock session for friends to enjoy together. Fighting demons and commanding the power of rock in exhilarating band battles will keep any music lover’s attention for hours.

Price: $14.99

Purchase this rock sensation on Steam.


 Karaoke has been around for a long time. Every now and again people want to sing, even when they can't. Lips provides just that, in the comfort of your own home.

The game lets you sing pop, rock, and many more genres of music. Music lovers would enjoy this game because it lets you pick what you want to sing. The players have choices and everyone loves choices especially when it comes to music. We all have different preferences in music so why not enjoy what you like in your own home or with a group of friends. 

Price: $2.99

Purchase the game here.

Jam Sessions

This on-the-go type of guitar player let's you play guitar by strumming the string on the screen of the Nintendo DS as well as selecting chords using the control pad.

The sound of the guitar is authentic, just like if you were playing a real guitar. Music lovers would really enjoy this portable games as it is an exciting way to play guitar.

Price: $6.65

Purchase Jam Sessions here.


Nintendo created another portable game for music lovers. The player gets to choose from a variety of monsters called Electroplankton, with the different monsters having their own unique sounds. By placing them together you can create an array of different sounds when you touch them.

Electroplankton can be a good game for music lovers. Especially if they are playing gigs. Music lovers could even create full albums of soothing - electronic music.

Price: $14.99

 Purchase Electroplankton here.


Beat the Game 

This indie-adventure created by Worm Animation allows the player to find sounds that bring about cut scenes as the story unfolds. Your character is equipped a Sound Scanner to help you track down sounds. Players will have to search the desert with a "Roboball" device for hidden objects within the game. 

Finding and creating sounds that you can bring together to perform a live show at the end of the game is an exciting experience for music lovers. This strangely beautiful game brings the player a chance to create many sounds and mixers to use in their show; it allows players to enjoy searching and finding characters to give them items to use. Music lovers could enjoy this mysterious game that brings music and adventure together in one twisted and alluring way. Get it for yourself or read GameSkinny's review of Beat the Game.

Price: $9.99

Purchase the game on Steam.

Music plays a huge part in most video games. Finding the right game that gets you moving is very important to music fans. There's many genres to choose from  these days but finding that perfect sound in a really fun game keeps music fans begging for more ways to jam out alone or with their friends.

Whats your favorite video game soundtrack? Let us know in the comments below. 

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