Mass Effect: Andromeda dropped recently, so cosplayers took to the universe once again to bring us some amazing cosplay. Here are 8!

8 Mass Effect Cosplays to Celebrate Andromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda dropped recently, so cosplayers took to the universe once again to bring us some amazing cosplay. Here are 8!

The Mass Effect series has an enormous fan following. With a storyline that progresses through each game, memorable characters and amazing weapons, Mass Effect has created a cult following of fans. Mass Effect: Andromeda is the fourth instillation in the series which comes after years of waiting. Taking place years after the original story, it has drawn in new and old players alike.

Such a following has lead to some of the most amazing cosplays around. Be prepared as the next 8 cosplays are a feast for the eyes.

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Duo Ryder

Cosplayers: LadyTenebraeTabris and Straychild77

Sarah Ryder is one of the main characters of Mass Effect: Andromeda. Here cosplayers LadyTenebraeTabris and Straychild77 put their own spin on her character, creating Nite Ryder and Izzy Ryder, respectively. This is an amazing representation of the character before they even had the game in their hands.

Photographer: Bernhard Hübscher


Cosplayer: Karin Olava Effects

Pelessaria B’Sayle, better known as Peebee, is the latest addition to the Asari race. One of the main characters, she joins Ryder's team as a means to see more of the galaxy. Karin Olava Effects worked wonders in getting Peebee's skin tone correct, including the lighter stippling on the back of the head. Not only that, but the shape of the head itself, along with the rest of the costume, is right on point.

Photographer: DRportrait

Garrus Vakarian

Cosplayer: HoldW

Garrus is a fan favorite from the original Mass Effect series. A turian, he was charged with investigating if Saren had gone rogue. Eventually he joins commander Shepard in an attempt to defeat Saren. As an alien with intricate armor, HoldW has done amazing job not only creating the costume, but also making it appear as a realistic as possible.

Mass Effect Andromeda Pj

Cosplayer: Chrix Design

Looking for something a bit more comfy to wear than the regular armor, Chrix Design decided to create a style set of pjs. Modeling the design after Sarah Ryder's armor, she is both stylish and easy to notice. This is definitely a cosplay I would wear any day.

Photographer: JL Cosplay Studio

Tali'Zorah nar Rayya

Cosplayer: Ruby-Rust

Tali joins Commander Shepard's crew while she is on her Pilgrimage. A mechanical genius, she brings a unique point of view about the geth as well as the history of their creation. Ruby-Rust nails her helmet as well as her outfit. The circular and parallel lines are intricate and well done.

Photographer: Zeropuntosedici

Jack, Subject Zero

Cosplayer: Jia Jem

Jack was captured as a toddler. With extremely powerful biotic abilities, she became the core of a research project run by Cerberus. Jack is a violent and dangerous person, but joins Shepard in exchange for files detailing her time as a child with Cerberus. Jia Jem has Jack's difficult look down. Shaved head, large bar code across her skull and torso covered in tattoos, she is the living version of the borderline psychopath.

Photographer: Kevin Johnsen

Female Shepard

Cosplayer: Equip: Freya

No cosplay list of Mass Effect would  be complete with Commander Shepard. The star and protagonist of the original story line, Commander Shepard helped end Saren and the geth threat. Here, Freya Willia dons her N7 armor and gets ready to kick ass as a female Commander Shepard.


Cosplayer: Nebulaluben

We end our out of this world cosplay list with another fantastic Peebee. Armed and ready to rumble the young Asari is ready for any adventure. Completely made, gun including, by the talented Nebulaluben, this Peebee shows off more of her curious, inquisitive and innocent side.

Who was your favorite cosplay? What character from Mass Effect Andromeda are you looking forward to be being cosplayed the most?

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