A Couple of Gamers: Tabi & Corey

Tabi and Corey met in WoW, when Tabi used some in-game tactics to get to know him better. Three years later, they tell us how being gamers makes their relationship better.
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Tabi and Corey met 3 years ago in World of Warcraft when she contrived some interesting in-game tactics to get his attention (check out the video for details!)

For more info on how games have shaped their relationship, read on!

 How long have you been playing video games?

Tabi: I remember watching my mom at the arcade before I ever played video games. We got a 2600 when I was in kindergarten. Many hours of joust and pitfall followed. Video games were something my whole family did together. Tag team games of Mario, Bionic Commando, and Dragon Warrior III are some of my best memories.

Corey: Pretty much my whole life, I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t.

 Did games play a part in how you met?

Tabi: I met Cory playing World of Warcraft. He was in a guild with my roommate and sometimes I would listen to him raid. His guildies were always ragging on him but I thought he sounded really adorable. So I contrived a reason to play over on their server. He is such a shy guy and I’m a lot more outgoing and social. I don’t know if I’d have ever really had the chance to meet someone like him without it being in a video game environment where he was able to come out of his shell a little.

 Do games play a role in your relationship now?

Tabi: We still sometimes get to play WoW together but we don’t have as much time since he’s moved here. We still talk about the game a lot, I get to keep up with how our guilds raid progress is coming along. We play the occasional rpg (I’m trying to get him to play Super Mario RPG LotSS with me), and he’s a huge Pokemon nerd so I’ve been trying Pokemon out. Over the summer we played a lot of Sim City and Diablo.

Corey: Not as much as they use too, we use to play a lot together before I moved up here.

 What’s your favorite game to play solo?

Tabi: I’m a big fan of puzzle games. My favorite is probably Puyo Puyo, though I’ve been really into Lumines lately.

Corey: World of Warcraft for the most part.

 What’s your favorite game to play together?

Tabi: I love playing WoW and Diablo with him but I probably [most] enjoyed making him play Final Fantasy X-2 with me! FF3 awhile ago but I haven’t been able to convince him to play yet.

Corey: World of Warcraft.


What is the best thing about gaming together?

Tabi: Really it’s just a cool way to hang out and get competitive in a safe way that you can shake off afterwards. Not that I always shake it off. I can kind of be a brat.

Corey: It’s pretty awesome to do the thing you like to do most with the person you love.


What is the worst thing about gaming together?

Tabi: Hmmmm… Really the only thing that is frustrating is whenever we level together he never reads the quest text >.< Also he always picks gather professions and ends up wandering away.

Corey: Sometimes tempers flare in the more competitive parts of the game, we each have our opinions on how things should be done.


Any funny stories about being a couple of gamers?

Corey: My girlfriend started talking to me by pretending she didn’t know how to play one of her characters, it was a character that I played, and asked me for help to teach her how to play.  It was her way of trying to talk to me.

 How does gaming make your relationship better?

Tabi: When we lived further apart it was a great way for us to spend time together. It gave us something we could while talking. Since he is really shy and doesn’t like going out much it gives us mutual friends to relate to. I think it really gives a bridge to each other that we may not have normally had because at a first look it wouldn’t seem that we had much in common.

Corey: The thing I’ve noticed most is when you have a girlfriend that plays the same games you do it helps them understand why those types of games are important to you.  I think it makes them more understanding when it comes to raiding and various things that are important to you online.

 The Lesson of this Love Story

I use to always say if I had a girlfriend it would have to be someone who would understand the gaming aspect of my life, its even better when its someone that can actually share and relate to it.


Even though they were nowhere near each other IRL, World Of Warcraft gave Tabi and Corey a place to meet, flirt, and get to know each other better. Now that they live together, that common gaming ground gives them a better understanding of what’s important to one another. Just goes to show how important a game can really be!

Thanks for sharing your time and your story with us Tabi and Corey!

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