A quick look at Space1.io. Will this be the next big .io game or will it flop?

A Look at Space1.io: Possibly The Next Big IO Game

A quick look at Space1.io. Will this be the next big .io game or will it flop?

As the .io games genre grows in size and strength, it is attracting the attention of indie developers and established software houses alike.

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We all know that Agar.io was a massive success, but you might know that Agar.io was bought by Miniclip, one of the biggest gaming portals.

A few months ago, the game portal added a new section specifically for .io games. Since then a number of games have joined the site under the new category, games like Slither.io, Diep.io and Wings.io. It seems Miniclip has seen the potential for the genre, even in its infancy. And they aren’t the only people, hundreds of io game list sites are starting to pop up.

One of the newest games to fall into the Miniclip fold is Space1.io and people seem to be loving it.

Space1.io, A Simple Space Arcade Throwback

Space1.io, is a well-built space arcade game, in which you start with a fleet of three ships and your mission is to dominate the galaxy by killing all the other players.

Of course, there is a little more to the game than that. You can increase your fleet size by shooting at glowing objects that spawn throughout the galaxy. But beware, the bigger your fleet grows, the slower it moves. Which in all honesty is a great game mechanic. It allows smaller players to zip around, dodging attacks with greater ease. This enables new players a margin for error and a grace period in which they can learn without being obliterated instantly.

One key factor is the way you kill and get killed. If a ship in your fleet is shot, it dies. But only that ship dies. This means, all but one ship can be killed and you can escape into the darkness of space, replenish your numbers and return to exact your revenge.

Something I really like about the game is that you can jump in, and after a few quick shots of your laser, you have a nice sizable fleet. Then it’s a case of trying to dodge lasers from other players, and kill as many people as possible before you are killed. This can take as long as you like, given you have the skills to survive long enough — or, if you are me, games last about two minutes before you are killed.

If, like me, you grew up playing classic arcade games, then with its extremely simple graphics, Space1.io is very reminiscent of those much-loved pixel graphics. And the game feels familiar as your triangular ships fly around shooting lasers, well, coloured lines.

Final Words

If the mantra of .io games is to be simple, accessible and fun to play, Space1.io fulfils all the criteria. Only time will tell if this game breaks into the top .io games of all time. But Miniclip is backing the game and that certainly helps to boost its user base and reputation.

The only addition I can think of that might make this game a perfect nostalgic space 2D shooter, is more customization for your fleet and perhaps the odd boss to kill. Nevertheless, Space1.io is a nice game and I’m sure you will enjoy it as much as I do.

See you in there (I’ll be the guy running away).

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