Aion 4.0 Preview – Bard/Troubador Skills and Videos (Part 1)

The Bard stands as a true DPS/support class.
This article is over 11 years old and may contain outdated information

Aion 4.0 is still going strong on the Korean public test server. The class added in the last patch was the Bard/Troubador (we’ll just go with Bard), which has been proven to be a solid DPS/support hybrid. We’re going to take a look the Bard’s skills up to level 30 and some videos of the class from the PTS.

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[Edit: The class’s official English name has been revealed to be Songweaver.]

Please keep in mind that all information is subject to change upon localization. Additionally, I am not 100% certain on all of these translations. Skills I am unsure about are marked with (*).

The Bard is a very combo-heavy class, with many of their skills being a part of skill chain. The second part to our Bard/Troubador coverage lists the class’s skills up to level 65, and provides translated Stigma and skill chain charts.

The Bard starts as an Artist instead of a Mage or Priest (as previously speculated). Artist skills up to level 10 will be included in this list.

Aion 4.0 Bard Skills (1)

  • Breezy Tune (Level 1; 2 second CD) – 56 wind damage to target.
  • Vast March (Level 3; 30 second CD) – Puts up to 6 enemies within 4m of the caster to sleep for 4 seconds.
  • Variations of Battle (Level 3; 12 second CD) – Three-cast skill. 64/120/239 fire damage to target.
  • Meek Ringing (Level 5; 4 second CD) – Target recovers 108 HP.
  • Frost Chord (Level 7; 16 second CD) – 190 water damage to target.
  • Contemplation of Melody (Level 9; 1 minute CD) – Regenerates 37 mana every 2 seconds for 30 seconds.
  • Robust Implosion (Level 10; 16 second CD) – Immobilizes target for 8 seconds.
  • Flame Chord (Level 10; 16 second CD) – 280 fire damage to target.
  • Shield of Melody (Level 10; 2 minute CD) – Protects caster from damage for 5 minutes or until 430 damage has been absorbed.
  • Reverie’s Fury (Level 10; DP skill; 1.5 minute CD) – 837 fire damage to target.
  • Gentle Ringing (Level 13; 3 second CD) – Target recovers 312 HP.
  • Heavy Plosives (Level 13; 30 second CD) – 179 earth damage to target and slows for 8 seconds.
  • Melodies of Life (Level 16; 1 second CD) – Increases caster’s health by 10% for 1 hour.
  • Sharp Bend – (Level 16; 16 second CD) – 83 damage to target, additional 73 damage per 3 seconds for 12 seconds after.
  • Purification Melody (Level 19; 8 second CD) – Removes up to 6 negative status from caster.
  • Neat Echo (Level 20; 6 second CD) – Target recovers 281 HP.
  • Vast Dance (Level 20; Stigma skill; 30 second CD) – Puts targets in range up sleep for 15 seconds and increases caster defenses. (*)
  • Earth Chord (Level 22; 16 second CD) – 468 earth damage to target.
  • Cheongahan Ringing (*)(Level 22; 3 second CD) – Target recovers 274 MP.
  • Soul Chord (Level 25; 16 second CD) – 372 wind damage to target.
  • Separate Soul Chord (Level 25; 16 second CD) – 263 magic damage to target and 183 MP removed from target. (*)
  • Melody Playback (Level 25; 1 minute CD) – Target recovers 130 HP every 2 seconds for 20 seconds)
  • Wing Melody (Level 28; 1 minute CD) – Restores fight time by 20 seconds. (*)
  • Heavenly Requiem (Level 28; 30 second CD) – Revives target.

Many of the skills above are part of a skill chain. For example, Soul Chord – > Separate Soul Chord. These are laid out in our second Bard article.

Bard Videos from The PST

A few PVP and PVE Bard videos have made their way to Youtube, and they demonstrate many of the skills mentioned above. The class’s gameplay looks to be unique among the other casters, relying on casted persistent effects, heavy restoration chains, and ranged nukes. I may just have to shelve my Chanter once Aion 4.0 hits.

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