Aion 4.0 Preview – Getting Around Northern Katalam

A look at Aion 4.0's Northern Katalam region.

A look at Aion 4.0's Northern Katalam region.

Katalam is coming in Aion 4.0, and its three parts combined prove to be the largest region in the game yet. The Northern, Southern, and Underground areas have a host of new content for level 60+ players to discover.

The Northern Katalam region is the first that players will be visiting in their efforts to reach level 65. Players of both races will receive a quest line that leads them to the region, and will be spending a lot of time trying to kill each other as they try to level. Like the Abyss, but less gloomy and more dynamic.

We won’t be going in-depth into the topic of instances here, as there is only one currently available in the area. Please keep in mind that all content is subject to change during the Korean 4.0 live update and its eventual North American and European localization.

Moving Around Northern Katalam

Asmodians and Elyos occupy either side of the map, with different transportation methods and locations open to them based on which side is more dominant in the area. The below are two maps showing the transport options available to both races. Some key points to keep in mind while looking at these:

  • Orange lines show teleportation routes should a fort be controlled by that faction.
  • Yellow lines show teleportation routes should a base be occupied.
  • Blue lines on the side show racial flight paths.
  • Light blue lines show expanse of PvP area.
  • White lines are permanent teleportation routes.

The bases and large fort seen in both maps are those that must be conquered for a race to take advantage of the quest NPCs and specialty vendors found in each, much like in the Abyss. There are four entrances to Southern Katalam, which is another new zone to Aion 4.0, found at the bottom of the map.

Northern Katalam is mean to be a PVP-heavy zone, as shown by the need to conquer bases and the specialty vendors found throughout the area to encourage active PVP. Base battles are meant to be small-scale affairs while the battle for Ruth Fortress (the primary fortress in the area) are meant to be large-scale battles. This dynamic continues into the Southern zone.

Hall of Knowledge

The Hall of Knowledge instance is the one confirmed instance in the area and is available only to the race that controls Ruth Fortress in Northern Katalam. It is a solo instance available only to level 65 players and boasts a scoring system that dictates how many Abyss points and medals a player will get from completing the instance. No more information is available at this time.

4.0 is coming to North America in June. Read more here.

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