Alien: Isolation: Stay Cautious

Lets see how it actually pans out before giving it praise.

Lets see how it actually pans out before giving it praise.
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I could not contain my endless glee when Gearbox had announced Aliens: Colonial Marines in what seemed like a millenia ago. I mean really, who wasn’t walking on sunshine when the actual “gameplay” was unveiled at E3, showcasing marvelous atmosphere and tension brought straight out of the beloved films?

Play as a marine? Actual canon to the Aliens storyline? Not a disappointment like the Alien vs. Predator movies? Yes, yes, and yes, Gearbox hailed–this one was not going to suck, they proclaimed. And boy did it hit me like a wrecking ball when I finally got my hands on the treasured relic, shoved it into my 360, and proceeded to a gaming travesty.

To say there was outrage was like saying Star Wars is a space movie. I mean yes, it’s true, but there was so much more than that. Gearbox was literally being accused of false advertisement from all their previous showings that had shimmered hope over the actual game, which was far inferior.

Why do I bring this up, you ask? Well now that Sega’s apparent apology game Aliens: Isolation has surfaced, it is already acclaimed as the true survival horror extravaganza that will finally do the series justice. Only problem is, this is exactly how the public reacted to every iteration of Alien games, including the abomination that was Colonial Marines.

Oh, what could have been…

Alien: Isolation is an upcoming survival horror game created by respectable company, Creative Assembly. They’re the people behind the Total War series; suffice it to say they know how to take on ambitious projects. The game appeared in December, with a trailer in January, and a recent showing at GDC 2014. Many people who have gotten the chance to experience a small demo of the game have littered it with adjectives such as “unprecedented” and “immersive.” Everything just seems fine and dandy, but all of it–from the promises by a reputable game company, to unanimous praise by the audience–just rings too many bells eluding back to the Alien franchise’s recent misfires.

On top of it all, there are already hints that some of the gameplay mechanics may not be as prestigious as foretold. There is only one alien? It is immune to your character? It may seem like a great concept for that of a movie, or a short level at the most. I just can’t see this being implemented without becoming extremely stale after an hour or so. It’s clear there is more to be revealed, however so far, the game is looking to be very tedious to someone not a fan of the stealth genre.

It cannot be said however that there has not been a good Alien game. The AVP series ranging from the Atari Jaguar to the PC in the early 2000’s are great examples of eerie atmosphere and fine tuned controls. Those are the closest we’ve ever gotten to a faithful Alien game, and the aliens there are sharing the spotlight with the predators!

Don’t get me wrong, though. I really want to see this game soar.

I just do not want to get my hopes up because I have seen devastation before, and I know when it seems to good to be true, chances are it is. Cliched lines aside, I’ll be praying for this game to wash away all my negative expectations, and bring the classic series justice for casual and die-hard fans alike.

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