Alienware’s Trade-in Program Offers $200 Credit

Get up to $200 dollars in credit when you trade your console and buy a PC!

Get up to $200 dollars in credit when you trade your console and buy a PC!

If you aren’t sure which next-gen console you are going to buy by now, then you probably have some concerns with what the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are going to bring to the table.

Gaming, I believe, is at a pivotal point where consoles are becoming more and more like their PC counter parts. Which is why this new deal from Alienware could sweeten the spot and make your decision easier. 

The deal

Alienware is offering up to $200 when you buy a new computer, the only stipulation is that you trade-in one of your current consoles. The Wii, 250GB Xbox 360 Slim, 60GB PS3 “fat,” 120GB PS3 Slim and 500GB PS3 “super slim” are all consoles covered in that bargain. The consoles do have to be in working order and have all the cords, but considering what you would get on Ebay vs. what Alienware is offering, you are getting a lot more money.

The value of Alienware?

Alienware computers are, from my personal experience, pretty reliable gaming PCs that usually cost upwards of seven to eight hundred dollars for the basic set up. If you want to get really crazy, you can even find ones in the $2000 range! So having an extra $200 off one of these machines is a great deal.

If you don’t already have a gaming PC, this is the perfect time to upgrade and have it be affordable and reliable! Alienwares are designed with sleek features from a solely esthetic standpoint–even the keyboards light up.

What is your experience with Alienware? Do you think this is a good value for all your consoles?

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