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All Easter Eggs and Hidden Secrets in Poppy Playtime Chapter 3

What secrets are hiding in the Playcare orphanage?

Every chapter of Poppy Playtime contains details that fill out the story and provide insight into the horrors of Playtime Co. The latest section is no exception, so here’s how to find all the hidden secrets and Easter Eggs in Poppy Playtime Chapter 3.

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Where to Find Every Secret and Easter Egg in Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 — and What They Mean

Kissy Missy Room Easter Egg

In the Home Sweet Home portion of Playcare, Kissy Missy is the first Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 Easter Egg. She sits on a bed hidden behind stacks of boxes, holding a picture of a young girl. There’s a child’s drawing on the wall next to her showing an image of Kissy. We can make out writing that says they’ll be friends forever. Kissy doesn’t acknowledge you in the room.

What Does the Kissy Missy Secret Mean?

Some players speculate that Kissy Missy is the girl in the picture. She then became part of the Bigger Bodies Initiative. I find it more likely that Kissy was friends with the girl in the picture, since the drawing refers to the girl and Kissy as friends before the fate that befell her. If the child died during the Hour of Joy, it explains why Kissy works against the Prototype rather than help it.

Nightmare Radio Message Easter Egg

Radios in the nightmare sequence at Home Sweet Home talk about a mangled body found at Elliot Ludwig’s home after he died. But one radio next to the words “Guilt Haunts You” carved into the ground plays an indecipherable message. When played backward, the radio says “You were meant to be there” repetitively. Then, it mentions the date 8-8-1995.

What Does the Nightmare Radio Secret Mean?

Our character worked at Playtime Co. during its active years, and this message tells us that we weren’t at work on August 8, 1995. We missed the Hour of Joy when the toys killed every human in sight by the Prototype’s orders. And the speaker in the message isn’t happy we escaped death.

Smiling Critter Cardboard Cutouts Easter Egg

Smiling Critter statue at the center of the playcare
Image via Mob Entertainment

Smiling Critters were Playcare Mascots after the company pulled their line of plushies from stores. CatNap’s spray caused terrifying hallucinations, after all. Now, the cardboard critter cutouts play audio clips revealing the horrors of Playcare and the process of experimentation on orphans there.

What do the Cardboard Critter Screams and Shouts Mean?

Normal audio comes from the critters when you first press the button. Then, it devolves into yelling, screaming, and threatening shouts. These cutouts show glimpses into the horrors that other orphans went through to become the rest of the Smiling Critter set.

Miss Delight Notes Easter Egg

Miss Delight's cutout in the schoolhouse
Screenshot by GameSkinny

This Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 Easter Egg is a series of notes found in the schoolhouse. They record what happened to Miss Delight and her sisters after the Hour of Joy. CatNap locked the teachers in the schoolhouse, which forced them to eat each other to survive. When one remained, she opened the door and made a deal with CatNap and the Prototype.

What Does the Delight Notes Secret Means

CatNap knew the teachers would kill the children for food. Locking them in the school was his best option. It also let him cull them until a single Miss Delight lived. Without any food left, she bargained with CatNap to watch the Playcare and report anything suspicious to him and the Prototype. If more teachers lived, CatNap wouldn’t have that bargaining power. So, his choice kept the kids safe and earned him an ally.

CatNap’s Shrine Easter Egg

In the cave system, a Prototype shrine built by CatNap is to the left and below the bridge. CatNap stands with his arms to the side, worshiping the shrine as he does the actual Prototype. To him, the Prototype is a hero that tried to help CatNap escape Playcare when he was still an orphan named Theo.

What Does CatNap’s Shrine Mean?

The Prototype shrine is made of toy parts pieced together. A skeleton juts from the head with a captain’s hat on, showing that he’s the original test subject that became the Prototype. From here, we see that the human used was an adult. But he was unwilling to become an experiment, shown through the ropes binding his wrists.

CatNap VHS Tape Easter Egg

Drawing of Theo before he was turned into CatNap
Image via Mob Entertainment

This Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 tape is in a tent in the playhouse section. It contains a conversation between Leith Pierre and CatNap four years after he became a toy. Leith Pierre confirms CatNap’s real name is Theo. Then, he says that Dr. Sawyer, who usually does those check-ins with the experiments, is out. So, Dr. Sawyer either died, got fired, or became an experiment.

What Does the CatNap VHS Mean?

My timeline of events became longer. The experiments went on for years, with Theo/CatNap being Experiment 1188 and multiple years passing after he became a toy. This was the first glimpse we got into how much time had passed between the start of the Bigger Bodies Initiative and the Hour of Joy.

CatNap’s Cell Easter Egg

In the playhouse, CatNap’s cell has a gaping hole in the floor that leads to a hidden base with a large bed and dead toys dangling from the ceiling. He wouldn’t have been able to build this while Playtime Co. operated, so it shows the difference between his living conditions before and after the Hour of Joy.

What Does CatNap’s Cell Mean?

CatNap killed the other Smiling Critters, except for Dog Day who’s chained in his cell. Now, he has control of the playhouse and made it into his home instead of his prison, eliminating anybody who didn’t follow the Prototype. He spent more time as CatNap than as a human, so this is as much of a home as he’ll ever have as a living toy.

Claire Harper VHS Easter Egg

Gas mask on a TV with grabpack hands showing
Screenshot by GameSkinny

This tape sits in front of a TV after the beginning platforming section. It contains a conversation between Claire, a Playcare worker, and one of the Playtime scientists. Claire expresses concern for Marie Payne, who woke up with terrible nightmares after inhaling CatNap’s smoke. She wants to check on Marie, but the scientist rejects her request.

What Does Claire Harper’s Secret VHS Mean?

I thought Marie Payne was an older test subject, not a Playcare orphan. In fact, it makes more sense if she were a Playcare worker like Clair since Mommy Long Legs shows more attention and care towards the children. While it’s an interesting twist, I disagree with the decision given Mommy Long Legs’ disposition.

Welcome Home VHS Easter Egg

Another Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 Easter Egg sits on the medical bed after CatNap’s red smoke causes us to hallucinate. The tape talks directly to the protagonist, welcoming us back to our former place of work and implying that we no longer belong there. Also, the toys have a grudge against us, waiting to kill us when we return.

What Does the Welcome Home VHS Secret Mean?

You could pass this off as a nightmare, but I suspect the protagonist has a lot of guilt about what happened both to the test subjects and those who died in the Hour of Joy. Given what we know so far in Poppy Playtime Chapter 3, I also theorize that we knew that this rebellion would happen. Missing that particular day of work seems too lucky.

Goodbye Samuel VHS Easter Egg

Broken beds in Home Sweet Home
Image via Mob Entertainment

This tape is in Home Sweet Home, inside a cabinet in the living room-esque room. It contains a group of children asking who’s going away, and they joyfully give Samuel a final send-off before he goes with Dr. White.

What Does the Goodbye Samuel VHS Secret Mean?

Of course, the kids wouldn’t know what’s happening to their friends chosen by Dr. White or those who are removed after they get sick from the red smoke. They likely think their friends are being adopted and going to a new home. The biggest reveal in this tape is that it’s a weekly occurrence for kids to be taken as test subjects, which means hundreds have been used for nefarious purposes.

Subject 1322 VHS Easter Egg

Bed on a TV screen
Screenshot by GameSkinny

This tape sits in a room with the bottom section of the door open. Use the GrabPack to pick it up, then play it on the TV in the room to the left to hear a conversation between a scientist and Joseph, who interrupts him as he’s about to experiment on his friend Kevin, who’s called Subject 1322.

What Does the Subject 1322 VHS Mean?

Aside from reinforcing that the kids didn’t know what was happening to their friends, this tape doesn’t have much new information. There’s an implication that Joseph could be taken next. Perhaps the scientist feels that the small amount he saw was still too much.

Rich Avery VHS Easter Egg

This tape sits to the right in the cave system with a TV beside it. It contains a conversation between Rich and Stu about delivering to the Playcare, not being allowed to talk to the kids, and Stu thinking about having Rich replace him when he retires.

What Does Rich Avery’s VHS Mean?

Rich Avery is on a tape every chapter so far. I list him as a strong candidate for the protagonist’s identity. Since he saw the deepest secrets of Playtime Co., he knows more than most employees. So far, there’s no other reason for him to be mentioned so often in tapes.

The Hartman Incident VHS Easter Egg

Office door for head of Playcare Stella Greyber
Screenshot by GameSkinny

This secret is in Stella Greyber’s office. As the head of Playcare, it contains a conversation between her and a couple who want to adopt Jeremy. However, Jeremy’s files say he’s no longer available for adoption due to testing. The parents demand answers, but Stella just apologizes.

What Does the Hartman Incident VHS Mean?

I reworked my thoughts on Stella because of this tape. In her job interview tape, she mentions how sad it is that toys live forever while humans grow old and new. I thought she was involved in the Bigger Bodies Initiative. However, she now sounds genuinely concerned and confused that Jeremy was taken for testing and can’t be adopted. I think she wanted the best for the kids and didn’t know about the experiments.

Emergency Broadcast VHS Easter Egg

This tape sits on a desk in the Counselor’s Office with a tape player behind the desk. You hear a pre-recorded alert that a hostile presence has been detected in Playtime Co. and all employees must evacuate or hide.

What Does the Emergency Broadcast VHS Mean?

Playtime Co.’s scientists clearly knew that their experiments could go rogue and hurt people. The danger was so high they had an emergency alert ready to play. Since the tape is in the Counselor’s Office, at least one employee knew that dangerous things were happening in a location that was meant to be safe for children.

Hour of Joy VHS Easter Egg

Hour of Joy VHS tape on a bloody floor
Image via Mob Entertainment

Poppy plays this tape before you head onto the elevator at the end of the chapter. It contains images of the Hour of Joy with Poppy narrating her experience of the event and why she thinks the Prototype has to be destroyed as a result.

What Does the Hour of Joy VHS Mean?

This Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 Easter Egg confirms that the Prototype organized the attack on humans that led to Playtime Co.’s closure. However, we learn it dragged all the bodies to the lowest level of the factory to use as food, and that it didn’t differentiate between innocent and guilty, which is the part that Poppy disagreed with the most. The more we learn about Poppy and the Prototype, the muddier their motives become.

That covers how to find all the hidden secrets and Easter Eggs in Poppy Playtime Chapter 3. The final battle against the Prototype is close, but we have many questions that haven’t been answered yet. From here, check out my detailed rundown about the chapter’s end.

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