All the Bioshock Infinite Skyhook Replicas, Toys and Collectibles I Can Find

I've scoured the web for every available scrap of Bioshock toy, collectible, hand made good and more.
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Bioshock Infinite is awesome. I have the Songbird Collectors edition, but then I saw the Columbia statue and I wanted one of those and it got me thinking.

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Just how many Bioshock Infinite Collectibles, Toys, Replicas or other sundries are there?

It turns out that there are lots! I scoured Etsy, Pinterest, the NECA site and of course I googled a bit and then googled some more. I focused on physical items and here is what I have found. I found quite a bit more than this, but even though some of them were great items they were similar to those below. So if you find that one is not available you might be able to find something similar somewhere. If you find a unique item I have not listed then please add it to the comments below.

Metal Songbird

Yes, it is as awesome as it looks. You can find it on Pinterest.

Lego Bioshock Infinite House

I could pretty much blow a paycheck… or two… on a set of these. You can also find this on Pinterest.

Songbird Plushy

This is basically the world’s cutest Songbird. The creator made it before all of the details on the Songbird were available, but the result is pretty awesome either way. Again, you can find it on Pinterest.

Bioshock Infinite Columbia Statue

Not to be outdone, the folks over at NECA have fantastic Bioshock Infinite collectibles. This Columbia statue was a limited run and no longer available, but this post would be incomplete without it.

Elizabeth and Boys of Silence 7″ Action Figures

Elizabeth ain’t no Barbie and if you’ve played through the game then that Boys of Silence action figure might just put a chill up your spine. You can find them on the NECA site.

Skyhook Replica

No list of collectibles would be complete without this beast. Just don’t accidentally open up someone’s head like a tin can while playing with it. These are available at GameStop and a few other places.

Bioshock Infinite Belt Buckle

The folks over at Etsy are a helluva creative bunch. They will take anything and make it unique. Thus the Bioshock Infinite Belt Buckle is born!

Bioshock Jewelry, Cufflinks, Etc.

There are a ton of these and they are pretty cool. Both images allow for some classic looks that could almost pass off for traditional jewelry.

Earrings – Song Bird or Cage

They are really quite pretty, and can be found at the NineTailsShop.

Vigor Cufflinks

Awesome, and can be found at the NineTailsShop.

Elizabeth’s Bird Necklace


A very cool version of the Bird pendant from Second Star Emporium.

 Vigor Earrings

These Vigor earrings would look great on some geeky guy or girl. You can find them in the Nine Tails Shop.

Other Random Items

Booker’s Box Plaque/plate

This struck me as an odd item to create/recreate, but it is still pretty neat. Find it over at Andy Jarosz Props.

Vigor Posters

One of the things I love about this item is that you could put them on the wall and people at first glance might think they were old postcards from Paris. Upon further inspection those who knew better would be very impressed. Find them at the Wispy Chipmunk.


Clearly there are some creative Bioshock Infinite fans out there. I would love to find more of this stuff. If you’ve seen some neat Bioshock creations please share them below!

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