Andraste Celestina Sporting a Frozen North Theme Outfit

Andraste is full of Norn pride.

Andraste is full of Norn pride.

So, the basic idea behind this outfit was sparked by a simple question. How can I make a practical heavy set for Norn that both shows off what is great about the race, shows off her tattoos, and also achieves a “Frozen North” theme beyond simply being Norn?  I personally feel I succeeded as best I could.

To accomplish this look, I used the following:

For dyes, I used a combo of Celestial Dye and Blueberry Dye – This allows for both colors to stand out, but not overshadow one another. The hair is also white in order to help balance things out.

Norn Tier 3 heavy Cultural Boots, Shoulders and Gloves These allows me to show off the tattoos on my arms while also still keeping a fairly practical look.

For the chest and pants, I used the the Honor of The Waves dungeon set – I chose these because they felt to me like the most practical looking armor pieces that also retained a Norn vibe.

Finally, in order to finish it off I used the Corrupted Greatsword and the Icelord’s Diadem skin for the helm – These two in combination allow me to further reinforce the Frozen North theme. 

The back item used is the Holographic Shattered Dragon Wings and is a more recent addition. While they are of course not based on Jormag or his champion unfortunately, the Corrupted Greatsword and Icelord’s Diadem I feel do match them due to the coloring of the wings, and one could mistake them as being ice themed when combined with the entire set.

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