Angry Birds Action! is different from the other Angry Birds games

Angry Birds Action! is the latest game in the Angry Birds series of mobile games, and it is a totally different kind of experience.

Angry Birds Action! is the latest game in the Angry Birds series of mobile games, and it is a totally different kind of experience.

A film adaptation of one of the most successful mobile gaming franchises – Angry Birds, will be released on May 20, 2016, in all cinemas. A huge marketing campaign for the movie includes a new mobile game as well, titled – Angry Birds Action! And, it is a completely different kind of game than what we’re used to playing.

Despite the huge popularity of the series, Rovio, the game’s developer, still puts a lot of effort into the game in order to stay relevant on the market. After several so-so spin-offs, last year’s Angry Birds 2 proved that people still love their Angry Birds now as ever before.

However, Angry Birds Action! sends you into a completely different dimension. The birds have new powers and abilities, and instead of hunting and destroying pigs, they spend all their time gathering eggs and candies. Now, the game looks like Pinball with characters and atmosphere from Angry Birds.

New Type of Gameplay

The new gameplay drastically differs from any other Angry Birds game. Every level includes several playfields that contain different kinds of obstacles.

In the beginning you get two or three birds that you can change at any moment. As usual, birds have different colors and abilities. Some of them can break walls, while others can make targets explode.

Instead of using a slingshot, the bird simply propels through an area from a top down perspective. As soon as it hits the tower or any other target on the field it automatically bounces back into the opposite direction and hits the other one, just like in Pinball.

The main tactics on each playfield is to carefully combine the right types of birds for the best effect. The main goal is to destroy all objects on the field and gather as many eggs as possible in the first stages of the game. Later, your main targets become candies or boxes with explosives.

Also, timing is a big thing here that actually limits your gameplay. There are even special energy gauges on the screen that slowly drain out. If you want to continue playing, you have to fill them up by either waiting or spending diamonds, an in-game currency that can be purchased with real money.

Additionally, now there are treasure chests on the playfield, which may contain a lot of coins. It’s a good idea to spend a turn or two on hitting those chests.

Several new items included in the game, such as poles and cannons, are very helpful. You can use cannons to fire off the bird many times without spending more turns, if it bounces back again. This tactic can be used to destroy harder obstacles, such as wooden towers and stone walls.


The game is pretty fun and brings back the good old feeling of playing Angry Birds, but with a new twist. On top of that, Rovio launched an interesting marketing campaign that every fan should get acquainted with before the release of the “Angry Birds Movie”.

You can download Angry Birds Action! from Google Play or iTunes for free.

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