Taken at face value the game is this cute thing but look deeper and it turns scary.

Animal Crossing: A Horror Show With Cute Furry Animals

Taken at face value the game is this cute thing but look deeper and it turns scary.
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Imagine waking up in a dimly lit room not knowing how you arrived or why you’re there.  In this room is a figure standing over you, some strange-looking fella.

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This is how Animal Crossing: City Folk starts; you’re in a dimly lit room with a strange-looking cat figure named Rover standing over you. The cat says that you need to catch a bus.  

You’re smuggled into this town under the cover of darkness on a bus with no other passengers on it with this strange cat saying that this is exciting.

Then your “nightmare” continues when you meet the mayor in the morning. The mayor tells you that he will be waiting and watching you.  

Next you meet Tom Nook, who is a raccoon.  You know how raccoons have that shady thief persona?  Well, Tom Nook is no different.  

After being forcefully moved into this town with nothing but the clothes on your back, you must work to pay off this raccoon for things you never asked for.

Let’s take an inventory of what you have now:

  • You have no idea where you are.
  • You have strange beings watching you.
  • You have a small concrete floored home,
  • And a busted radio that Nook himself says barely works.
  • To top it all off you have no bed, which means sleeping on the stone floor.

Logically, you would try to find someone to help you escape this bleak existence you’re forced to live. Someone in the town would be willing to help you escape right?

Meet Brewster, the town Bartender.  A bartender always listens to your stories so he might be able to help. By the way Brewster acts he considers the town his home away from home as if he is hiding from something bad in his past.

It’s almost as if he has chosen the town as his own torturing sanctuary.

Leaving the bar, you notice a custom clothing shop, run by Sable and Mabel. Mabel is running all over the place while it seems Sabel is on 24 hour-long shifts.  

She is constantly sewing and ignoring you so she can focus on her work. If you continue to push her, she yells at you.

Kapp’n is a once-proud sailor turned bus driver for the town.  Maybe he is downtrodden enough to hear your pleas of escape. He does take you away from the town and into the city. 

Down an empty alley you find the only door without anyone around it.  When you knock to get some help and you hear someone say to “hide the…”  What is this guy trying to hide?  You’re not going to get help from a criminal.

There is no end to your character’s suffering, Nook will always want his money and they will always be watching you.  

The city is a dead-end, so the only place you can go back to is the town, where at least you have a roof over your head. You’re forced to live a life of hard work and little reward… but hey, at least you’re alive, right?

And we’ve got to know: what happened to the cat that brought you here, anyways?

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