Are You Bored with Minecraft?

Are Minecraft's glory days almost up? What will the next big game be?

We all know that way back when some people found this awesome game, Minecraft. The world exploded. Everyone who was anyone was playing it. Youtubers have made their living off of it. Over 10 million people have bought the game. We can say IT’S HUGE. Minecraft has captured the imagination of millions of players, including mine.

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Well it Did

In recent months, Minecraft has been boring me. Now, yes, I enjoy playing a game every once and a while… But not like I used to. I feel that more and more people are losing interest in the game and instead turning to other games.  

Minecraft Alternatives

For those of you who are bored with Minecraft and looking for other games to fill your gaming needs, I’ve included a small list of games that you should check out:

Gary’s Mod                                                                                       

Gary’s Mod is a sandbox game where the focus is on building. You can make almost anything you can imagine and make it come to life… Gary’s mod is probably the closest game on the list to Minecraft.

  • Cheap
  • Updated Regularly
  • You can create almost anything
  • Can crash, even on the best computers.

Worms: Revolution                                                                          

Epic… Worms is a turn based game where players take turns trying to kill the other players worms with a variety of weapons. Worms has multiplayer and SinglePlayer support. This game is the game to prove your skills… and become the WORMS CHAMPION

  • Competitive
  • Creates some of the most epic moments
  • Repetitive

Chivalry : Medieval Warfare                                                   

Chivalry is a medieval fighting game, as the title suggests. You go head to head with players across the world to uphold your kingdom. With many classes and matches… Chivalry promises hours of fun.

  • Fluid controls
  • Awesome graphics
  • Competitive
  • Some minor glitches

I think Minecraft’s days are numbered… So that begs the question:

What will the next big game be?




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