Asmotheya, unwearying guardian

Running from hungry T-Rex? I wont bother you, run faster!

Running from hungry T-Rex? I wont bother you, run faster!

This is Asmotheya, one of many protectors walking the face of Tyria. 

“If only I could show you the places I have seen, you might understand the things I say.” is what she would say. But not this time. It’s just a girl. “I help people.” she said. “But, but – I heard people calling you the Hero of Shaemoore! You are hero!” girl kept pushing, while her eyes could not resist the magical flames engulfing guardian’s sword. Asmotheya noticed and stroke her sword into the ground. The very second she released sword’s hilt, the mystical flame was gone. “You like that blade, deary?” asked, with no words at all, girl kept staring at it. “It was a gift, from an old friend. The blade is mystical, very strong and very hard. The flames, however, are divine – Balthazar’s, Who drives my hand.” Guardian

Little girl

“So you still believe in the Six Gods?” she asked lying on the ground under a tree, not knowing all the danger Tyria posses. “I believe, despite their silence. Yes.” she looked up into the sky “It was my own choice.” Under the trees, this is a good day – both of them thought. “What about those gloves, miss.” asked girl “Where did you get these from? They are scary!” – “Bards call it “Flame and Frost”, but it was nothing like the songs of late. I wear them, gloves forged from steel of the dredge and charr to remind myself that freedom is everything.” 

Come on, evil!


“And people like me, protectors and travellers of Tyria shall endure to protect it, to secure it. Even against the Elder dragons.” when she mentioned dragons, child jumped back up, energized with a spark in her eyes. “Commander Asmotheya, Marshall Trahearne is ready.” saluted a Pact soldier. 

On the way.

While looking at the guardian from distance, the image of the mystical sword and unshakeable belief of this human being, the girl finally understood all those words that strange flower girl always says to her. “All things have a right to grow.” 

Asmotheya is wearing:

Helm+Shoulders+Chest+Leggins+Boots are T3 Human called “Protectors”, Gloves are “Flame and Frost” achievement reward, dyed Midnight Fire+Illumination. Armor is dyed with Charred colour as main, then Illumination as secondary for the tabards. Weapon is called “Firebringer” forged withing the mystical forge in LA and Shield is a legendary called “Flameseeker Prophecies”.

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