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How to Anti-Troll! -Lololololol!
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Not so long ago I wrote an article on trolling, why it is fun and the like. Likely there will be more. Oh dear!

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Now then in the last article I elaborated on how trolling was through the art of deception purely to get a rise out of you. Its a psychological affair. Whether this is to trick you into believing something negative to your well being to throw you off. Quipping at your comments, or just insulting you. For some reason the more I type the more my World of Tanks looks appealing.

Anyway. According to WikiHow, here is a list of -How- -To- -Troll-

“Know the medium. Good trolling exposes loopholes or gaps in a forum or game’s defenses. You should be familiar enough with your game or forum to know how the system works and where there may be loopholes.”

What does this mean? Well, Lets say you are playing call of duty. Any of the franchise, who cares. Some troll has worked out that throwing grenades at you kills you. I.E Exploiting the game medium.

How do you combat it? Do the reverse. Let him kill you and remember, he looses points for killing you, It works both ways. Don’t bother retaliating, my personal faverate is laughter.
Troll wants a rise from you. If you dont say anything, but let him hear you creasing each time he kills you, He’s not getting that rise. Its doing the reverse. -HE- will start questioning himself and his methods. If you sit there, say nothing, and just laugh, not only are you denying him that rise but when he was trying to get you to rage but its having an adverse effect, He will think you are laughing at him and you can actually enjoy laughing for no reason whilst his ego shrinks.

My mother runs laughter therapy workshops, try laughing for no reason for ten minutes you’ll feel great afterwards.

Use mass quantities. The most extreme trolling often uses repetition. Intense trolling will repeatedly hit on something that will get a “…really…” response out of people. Usually, the more repetitious a trolling is, the more annoying it will be. Be sure to evaluate how much repetition is enough and how much is too much. Sometimes one hit is all it takes to appropriately troll.”

The above is true, Ive done it myself. Now consider this.  I am currently trolling you. It takes effort to troll as I have to come up with things, pull strings etc. If you enjoy it whats the point? It seems like a waste of time and now ~I WILL GET ANNOYED~ because I am:

1. Questioning myself.
 2. Getting bored of my own repetition.
 3. Having someone laugh at me. Frustrating, right?

Be anonymous. Create an identity aside from your real life identity when trolling, especially when trolling strangers.”

This makes no difference. There no point trolling a guy for being anonymous or asking him questions about it. He’ll use it to exploit you and wind you up. EG:

“Who are you?”

“Your mom”

See how that works?

What you will find commonly:

Trolls belittle you for example : “L2P NOOB.”
 How does this work you ask?  Namely he is insulting your playing style, and questioning you. Naturally humans don’t like being questioned in a negative mannerism. So why not respond in a positive one?

Writers Note:

I know this may come as a shock to some of you who are familiar with my posts, INS4NITY W00F is generally a persona I play to be as outlandish, fiendish and as trollish or even derogatorily insane as possible. So this little bit of intellectual gab may come as a surprise. Ill tone it down into my usual screaming mannerism, that way I can feel more at home.

There’s something on the internet which can apply to almost any situation, as literally life is a game, one of psychology and interaction. Look it up, It’s called the Karpman Drama Triangle. This is an interaction between three persona’s.

  • The Persecutor: In this instance, it’s the troll. The person accusing, slandering, screaming or punishing the victim for doing something wrong. Or in some cases nothing at all.
  • The Victim: This, in psychology terms is the poor unfortunate sap being persecuted by the persecutor.
  • The Rescuer: Very self explanatory, this is the person seeing the persecutor go off on the victim and rise to the victims defense.

Now then, More than often these roles change near-constantly.

For example Man A shall begin trolling, Kid B, and Guy C shall play rescuer. Ill use brackets in the speech to show roles in this triangle.

Man A (Persecuting) : “Haha! You suck at this game, L2P Noob!”

(Kid B being on the receiving end of this is being the victim, but instantly the battle flips and he changes from victim to persecutor, and begins persecuting Man A, who in this action becomes the victim.)

Kid B : “Oh sod off, ass.”

(And so the cycle continues in this argument, with the roles between victim and persecutor changing every second or so.)

After a minute or so someone could be in the chat listening to them argue, before saying:~


(And with this last statement Guy C becomes the persecutor, persecuting Kid B, and Man A. Which makes them both for this second, victims!)

However if Guy C stepped up and defended the kid, he would be the rescuer. Most likely after that joining the kid, and both of them would persecute Man A. Make Sense?

Once you get your head round the concept its simple.

Point being, The troll is persecuting you, and wants to continue persecuting you, to make you the victim, belittle you for either attention and/or amusement.

So, don’t play his game, ignore him, humor him, or even Counter-Troll.

Here’s some chunks of forum post, which refer to counter trolling, trolling the troll.
 Its referred to as “The Vigilante”

“The Vigilante is probably one of the more common types of counter-troll there is. The Vigilante tends to use troll-type attacks, and as such some of his behaviors may seem to be questionable and/or bordering on trolling. However, unlike real trolls, their actions tend either to be harmless or humorous, rather than inflammatory.
The typical Vigilante resides somewhere and often does something else when a troll may enter and attempt to disrupt the conversation. At this point, the Vigilante begins to take action against the troll.

Overpower: The Vigilante aggressively takes on the topic that the troll brings up, pulling up the assets of his mind, any nearby textbooks, or Wikipedia, and challenges the troll’s mastery of the topic, attempting to make him look like a fool in the process.
Prevailing Wind: The Vigilante changes the derailed topic to the troll’s inner flaws, attempting to trigger outrage. Usually used against common trolls, less effective against forum veteran trolls.
Torrent: The Vigilante posts an assortments of “lols” and other common internet memes to derail the troll and frustrate his attempts to frustrate people. This behavior may appear to be similar to that of other trolls, but these posts are directed towards one person, as opposed to a thread or a community.
Limit Break-Objection!: The Vigilante finds contradicting posts or an error that the troll makes and exposes it to everybody, causing people to burst in laughter and no longer take the troll or anything he sees seriously. Usually requires multiple posts by the troll before use.

The Vigilante must be
A) Very able to evade bans
B) Some trolling experience doesn’t hurt
C) Very intelligent, to use Overpower
D) Have a lot of time on his/her hands.
Being a Vigilante is often one of the most rewarding counter-trolling roles: however, it is also the most likely to get you banned in the friendly fire.”

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Notice the references to laughter. I didn’t research this prior, but during. Nice to see an opinion that matches mine and enforces it.

Your goal, Counter Trolls, and Vigilante’s is troll the troll, humor him at his expense.

Here is a very brief example:


Troll: “I did your mom last night.”

Counter: “Oh really? Your into fifty year old fat chicks?XD Cellulite FTW”


Now then, you’ll notice this is a link to another guide to counter trolling. Though instead of the psychological drama triangle, it goes on a similar concept about roles.

Finally, have an example from My Little Pony just to finish this off, Hope you enjoyed the read!


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