Back to the Classics: Why We Are Missing Out With Today’s Games

The intelligence levels of today's games seem to be spiraling downward. What ever happened to the classics? And why are we letting our modern media system downgrade our game experience?

I’m going to level with you.

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I’m not much of a “die hard” gamer. My geek genes are more securely lodged in the realm of television, movies, or books. As a BFA Creative Writing major, I’m drawn to plots and in-depth characters rather than the mindless shooting that seems to come with most games today. I’m all for post-apocalyptic settings, but can we throw in something more than the sad excuse of a storyline that pops up between the mind-numbing plethora of zombie grunts or alien shrieks? I mean really, I wrote better stories in middle school.

I understand these games are supposed to be frightening or action-packed, but I am dying for a game where my biggest challenge isn’t making sure I turn down the right corridor. Seriously, I get eaten once and I know not to go that way. What ever happened to games with intelligence? I find myself more interested in playing my ancient Playstation Wheel of Fortune game than the newest hit. At least it keeps me guessing.

I miss the days when Pacman was hot stuff.

Granted, our entertainment today is force-feeding us this idea that we should get bored with something as simple as a yellow circle in a maze chomping on white dots, but why play games that resemble our standardized tests? Do we really want a No Gamer Left Behind policy? What ever happened to games that required more than just common sense?

Maybe it’s just the non-gamer side of me that is spouting out these concerns, but I’m tired of sitting in front of my console or computer and praying that I can hit the same button with enough speed to not die this time.

Give me the classics any day!

I can’t be the only gamer who has been turned off by today’s markets. It’s time we stop expecting our gamers to be of a lower caliber. We have the intelligence to tackle smarter games. It might even be nice to play a game we can’t beat in a solid 48-hour period because it is challenging intellectually, rather than having a brute force that continues to maul our characters.

Am I the only one out there who’s struggling to stay interested? Is anyone else ready for change or am I seriously missing the point of the “new and improved”? Let me know by commenting or sharing!

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