Games that are fun and educational.

Best educational games

Games that are fun and educational.

As a kid and even going into adulthood, you may have been told that playing video games was a waste of time or that it turns your brain into mush. For many parents, playing video games is a leisure activity for their children and something that can be used to occupy a kid’s time. They tell their kids that once they grow up, they need to leave video games behind and live in the real world.

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However, not all games are violent, senseless or inhibiting to one’s education. In fact, many games are quite complex and some are even educational. Here are some of the best educational games that are available right now. 

Jump Start 

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Educational Value: This is a quintessential educational video game and my personal favorite, Jump Start had a game for everything. There were games for different grade levels, games for different languages, and games for music, numbers, and typing. I used Jump Start for everything. What made these games so fun was that each game was different from the last. There were different characters and different locations, like a mountain-top or a mysterious island or a waterfall.

Leap Frog

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Educational Value: Leap Frog, another well-known educational video game, was awesome because it had handheld devices like the Leapster, LeapPad, and LeapReader. It really made you feel like you were playing a video game and not learning your times tables. Since it was so enjoyable to play, it made learning fun and easy. I actually looked forward to playing with my LeapPad when I was younger.


Source: Wikia

Educational Value: This puzzle-based game not only has an adorable title character, but it also has fun tools. Gamers can play with others or alone, navigate through the world of Sackboy, and can create their own levels. The sharing element of this game makes LittleBigPlanet fun, interactive, and educational. 

Magic School Bus Oceans

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Educational Value:  Modeled after the popular show, this video game is just as informative as the cartoon it is named after. This game is available on the Nintendo DS and features seven games with almost 200 science interactions. If anyone can get kids interested in science, it’s Ms. Frizzle.


Source: Sist Gamer

Educational Value: The Sims games taught kids and teens about life. No, literally – these are life simulation games. They teach kids the importance of taking out the trash and keeping a clean house. They also teach kids about city planning and the environment. It gives kids a glimpse of the real world but in a virtual setting. 

Nancy Drew 

Source: IGN

Educational Value: Fans of the young female sleuth, me included, will love the puzzles in this problem-solving game. Solving the mysteries in this game will encourage kids to use their critical thinking skills and their sleuthing skills. 

Dynasty Warriors

Source: Soft Pedia

Educational Value: These video games may have a mystical element to them, but they are steeped in Chinese history. In addition to learning about a new culture, this game involves strategy and tact. Although the fighting element of these games is exciting and fun, it is ultimately the story of three kingdoms. 


Source: Wikipedia

Educational Value: This game preps students for the SAT. This game lacks the pressure and deadlines of regular SAT prep, making this a less stressful avenue of study. Besides, who wouldn’t want to play games and increase your SAT score at the same time?

What other educational games have you come across? Have you played and learned from any of these titles? Let us know in the comments!

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