Best MLB The Show 15 Players by Position

A sneak peak of the best players for each position.

The launch of MLB The Show 15 is right around the corner, and many gamers have been wondering who is going to be the best team and the best players to play with in this year's installment of the PlayStation 4-only baseball franchise.

Here are the best players in the game by position.

All Positions - General

  1. Clayton Kershaw
  2. Miguel Cabrera
  3. Mike Trout
  4. Felix Hernandez
  5. Andrew McCutchen
  6. Craig Kimbrel
  7. Troy Tulowitzki
  8. Robinson Cano
  9. Max Scherzer
  10. Paul Goldschimdt

MLB 15: The Show features three players with 99 overalls this year with Kershaw, Cabrera, and Trout.

In my opinion, Trout is the most valuable of the three. A young outfielder that will play nearly every game for you and produce day-in and day-out is a great asset. And while it may be surprising to some, Trout is not only a better pick, he is also ranked significantly higher than Yasiel Puig, who did not manage to break the top 10 players in the game this year.

Starting Pitchers

  1. Clayton Kershaw
  2. Felix Hernandez
  3. Max Scherzer
  4. Adam Wainwright
  5. Chris Sale
  6. Madison Bumgarner
  7. Johnny Cueto
  8. Jose Fernandez
  9. Yu Darvish
  10. David Price

The Tigers might have lost the third-ranked MLB The Show 15 starter this year, but they gained the tenth, and it might just work out for Detroit fans, who will be able to add to the game's pitching advantage by hurling with the lefty.

Relief Pitchers

  1. Wade Davis
  2. Andrew Miller
  3. Pat Neshek
  4. Charlie Furbush
  5. Tony Watson
  6. Neal Cotts
  7. Danny Farquar
  8. Junichi Tazawa
  9. Darren O'Day
  10. Sergio Romo

Only a handful of these guys' names can be considered household but that doesn't mean they won't provide the relief you need when your starter gets tired or beat up.

O'Day in particular is great in the setup role with his submarine delivery as if offers a completely new point of release for the opposing team.

Closing Pitchers

  1. Craig Kimbrel
  2. Kenley Jansen
  3. Sean Dolittle
  4. Greg Holland
  5. Aroldis Chapman
  6. Jake McGee
  7. Trevor Rosenthal
  8. Glen Perkins
  9. David Robertson
  10. Dellin Betances

MLB The Show 15 Closing pitchers basically operate on a flavor of the year cycle. It seems that one guy is never on this list two years in a row. But, it does stand to point at that the Royals' bullpen is looking strong with Holland at the end of the game and Wade Davis coming in before him in relief. 


  1. Buster Posey
  2. Yadier Molina
  3. Jonothan Lucroy
  4. Matt Weiters
  5. Yan Gomes
  6. Brian McCann
  7. Carlos Ruiz
  8. Russell Martin
  9. Salvador Perez
  10. Devin Mesoraco

Unlike with closers, this list does not see a high turnover rate every year. In short, if your team is lucky enough to find someone with supreme skills behind the plate, you had better hold onto them. Weiters, Martin, and Molina have all been on this list for years, and it looks like they have at least a couple more years in the top 10.

First Basemen

  1. Miguel Cabrera
  2. Paul Goldschmidt
  3. Jose Abreu
  4. David Ortiz
  5. Joey Votto
  6. Victor Martinez
  7. Edwin Encarnacion
  8. Adrian Gonzalez
  9. Chris Davis
  10. Anthony Rizzo

Most of these guys are likely DH candidates than true first basemen, but the young Cub Anthony Rizzo does stand out on this list. He has a lot of upside, and is a more than capable fielder.

Second Basemen

  1. Robinson Cano
  2. Dustin Pedroia
  3. Jose Altuve
  4. Ben Zobrist
  5. Ian Kinsler
  6. Chase Utley
  7. Brian Dozer
  8. Dee Gordon
  9. Howie Kendrcik
  10. Neil Walker

Second base is usually a fielder's position, but Cano has turned that stereotype on its head. All of these guys are dependable in the field, but if you're looking for some pop at the plate, look no further than Seattle's second baseman.

Third Basemen

  1.  Adrian Beltre
  2. Josh Donaldson
  3. Evan Longoria
  4. David Wright
  5. Kyle Seager
  6. Aramis Ramirez
  7. Anthony Rendon
  8. Nolan Arenado
  9. Josh Harrison
  10. Todd Frazier

Finding a solid fielder for the hot corner can be tough, but there are a ton of young, still developing guys at the position right now for career mode. And, of course, there's Josh Donaldson.

Formerly of the Oakland Athletic's, Donaldson will now stand at third base in Canada as he tries to pick up where he left off with the Toronto Blue Jays.


  1. Troy Tulowitzki
  2. Jose Reyes
  3. Ian Desmond
  4. Elvis Andrus
  5. Andrelton Simmons
  6. Alcides Escobar
  7. Alexei Ramirez
  8. Jimmy Rollins
  9. Erick Aybar
  10. Everth Cabrera

Of course Tulo is still on the top for shortstops in MLB The Show 15, but the most interesting man on this list is Everth Cabrera down at #10. Coming off where he struggled both on and off the field, I doubt he will produce how his ratings project in real life. I even doubt the chance that we will get a shot to prove that he's worth a top 10 rating, sitting being J.J. Hardy on the Orioles' depth chart at short.

Left Fielders

  1. Carlos Gonzalez
  2. Yoenis Cespedes
  3. Michael Brantley
  4. Justin Upton
  5. Alex Gordon
  6. Hanley Ramirez
  7. Starling Marte
  8. Matt Holiday
  9. Melky Cabrera
  10. Carl Crawford

Two back-to-back numbers ones spells good news for Rockies fans, but Gonzalez will have a lot of competition for that top spot as the season goes on with Hanley Ramirez.

The three-time MLB All-Star, and has former NL Rookie of the Year was sent out to left this season, and could shoot up his rankings even higher thanks to his speed and fielding ability.

Center Fielders

  1. Mike Trout
  2. Andrew McCutchen
  3. Carlos Gomez
  4. Adam Jones
  5. Jacoby Ellsbury
  6. Coco Crisp
  7. Charlie Blackmon
  8. Billy Hamilton
  9. Ben Revere
  10. Lorenzo Cain

Center field plays host to some of the most exciting plays in baseball thanks to players like McCutchen and Trout.

Overall, there aren't any surprises on this list thanks to the above-average years that people like Adam Jones and Coco Crisp put up every season.

Right Fielders

  1. Giancarlo Stanton
  2. Yasiel Puig
  3. Jose Bautista
  4. Hunter Pence
  5. Ryan Braun
  6. Jayson Werth
  7. Alex Rios
  8. Matt Kemp
  9. Jason Heyward
  10. Michael Cuddyer

Poor Yasiel Puig, he isn't even the top player in his position on the game that he dominates the cover for. The number one right fielder is, in fact, Giancarlo 'don't call me Mike' Stanton. According to the numbers, that outrageous salary doesn't look so outrageous after all.

And there you have it folks. The best players in this year's title by position. There are no MLB The Show 15 cheats, just pure skill and smart player picks.

I hope you're ready for some baseball, since the game releases on March 31 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita.