Best Nerdy Pet Costumes

Having a pet is the perfect excuse for dress-up.

Having a pet is the perfect excuse for dress-up.
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Step 1: Have a pet. 

Step 2: Find a great costume. 

Step 3: ...

Step 4: Profit.


We're here to help you with the second step. This is the list of greatest pet costumes (particularly nerdy ones) that you can use to really dress up your pet this Halloween season.


First off are these two sweethearts of pups from Japan, featured originally on Imgur . I'm sure they'd rather have kibble than giant mushrooms though.  

This is not the kitty Gotham deserves....

You could always go with the obvious cat costume this holiday (Catwoman) but really, but you would be missing all of the epic-ness of this costume. 

First seen on Imgur. 

Pugs are one of the most versatile pets when it comes to costumes. Really, there isn't anything that looks bad on a pug. It's probably the squished face. 

This Michonne (from the Walking Dead) pug definitely takes the cake though for best pug costume. Look at those teddy bears! It's tiny katana! 

Found on Imgur

This corgi, I like it. I'll have another! 

Seriously though, check out this sweetheart. If you have a corgi and don't dress it up as Thor, you're probably doing something wrong. 

Originally from Imgur. 

It turns out there are no bad corgi costumes. There is a Buzzfeed list of 90 Corgis in costume, and it doesn't even tap into all of the possibilities. 

Step one of any costumed pet list might just be "get a corgi." But this Doctor Who corgi is one of the best. His little fez! His bowtie! They all come together to create an incredibly fantastic  overall look. 

I promise. I'll stop with the Corgi costumes. In a bit. Because look at this. It's a little Corgi dressed as Link! 

Somebody's got to save Zelda. Don't know how he's going to do that with those tiny legs. 

Found on Tumblr .

Simple. Awesome. Super cheap. And you'll have the best looking dog on the block. There's just something really fantastic about that long nose peaking out from underneath the sheet. 

Originally found on Tumblr.

Fun piece of trivia. Did you know that one of Alien chest-burster was going to be a whippet in an Alien costume? Also that it was oddly adorable? You can look at it here

This, however, is an Italian Greyhound in an AT-AT costume from Star Wars and it's pretty fantastic. He even has a Facebook page

Cats are pretty resistant to outfits. Which is just sad. Think about how adorable a kitten in a bow tie is. 

But if you can somehow finagle an outfit on your pet, there's no reason not to hearken back to this internet classic. Nyan Cat!

Originally found here

What are your favorite pet costumes for Halloween?