Best streamers for World of Warcraft’s Legion launch!

Here's some of the best streamers hosting for tonight's World of Warcraft Legion launch!

Here's some of the best streamers hosting for tonight's World of Warcraft Legion launch!
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Are you prepared? World of Warcraft: Legion’s launch is soon, and streamers all over Twitch are getting ready for the big event! If you’re looking for someone to digitally celebrate the launch with, look no further for a list of some of the best streamers playing World of Warcraft’s newest expansion. Here’s a few of our favorite players kicking off Legion’s launch with a bang.


Good for: A very active chat, experienced player, tolerance for crude humor.

Easily one of the most recognizable streamers on this list, Sodapoppin has the largest community of followers on Twitch related to World of Warcraft. With over 1 million followers, this young gamer has been streaming for over eight years. He is doing a 24 hour stream to kick off the event, and even has a modestly populated Reddit page dedicated to him.

He will also be streaming alongside some members of the eSports group Northern Gaming that he owns. He has a tons of characters, so if you don’t have a specific favorite, he’s gonna be your guy.


Good for: Paladins, Hardcore Raiders, Contests, Tanks

Leader of the Hammer Squad, Towelliee is awaiting the Legion launch by…sleeping, of all things. His stream countdown is him sleeping while he awaits the big launch. Not a bad way to plan ahead for dedicating your life to the liberation of Azeroth. While he rests, his friends have been taking turns playing their characters and participating in the Demonic Invasions events taking place all over the world of Warcraft.  

Towelliee is an active player on the Stormrage server, and has one of the most impressively geared tanks I’ve seen. His stream is doing a partnership with Curse for giveaways that you can still take part in.


Good for: Humor, group streams, nerd love, Mages

Crendor and his friends definitely know their World of Warcraft. He has a YouTube channel that covers almost every aspect of the game, to the point where he even has one where he talks about grassThat takes some serious dedication. He is also a member of the podcast Cox n’ Crendor, which contains a wonderful amount of inane banter. They have a channel dedicated to the animations Crendor does of their podcasts, and is a must watch if you want someone laid back and funny while you level your character.


Good for: Fast levelers, Demon Hunters, Achievement hounds.

Fragnance has the EU’s honor of being the world first Demon Hunter in the EU already. He managed this in a little under five hours, which is pretty impressive considering how much content there is in the expansion. He’s also playing the coveted new Demon Hunter class, so if you wanted to learn quickly how to make the most out of the Illidari’s finest, look no further. It’s also his birthday, so hop on and give him a shout out to celebrate his cake day.

How are you going to celebrate World of Warcraft: Legion? Any favorite streamers we forgot to mention? Let us know in the comments!

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