Bill Nye the Science Kickstarter

Bill Nye the Science Guy has a Kickstarter to make a game teaching children about flight.

Bill Nye the Science Guy has a Kickstarter to make a video game.  Specifically, he wants to make a game for tablets to teach children the science behind flight.

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With a lifetime of reaching out to kids with science and learning, Bill Nye is no stranger to what it takes to get through to youngsters.  Is it any surprise that he’d notice how much time kids have started spending on their various electronic devices?

Why does this even make sense?

Part of what makes teaching children challenging is that many approaches to doing so are essentially glorified info-dumping.  If a person, young or otherwise, is not interested in a given topic, they won’t actually learn about it if you give them the information unless you present that information in a way they enjoy.

Bill Nye is famous for the television show he hosted attempting to make that learning as entertaining as possible, and as one of the many people who grew up watching his antics I can attest that it works.

It’s hard to find better motives for a Kickstarter than this, and as of the writing of this article, it is woefully short of its goal.  Hit this link (in case you missed it up above) and help the new generation learn with the same kind of wonder and smiles that we were able to.

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