Bold and Brazen

A sharp wit and valiant heart.

A sharp wit and valiant heart.

From beneath the shadows of ancient trees, where a tangle of thorns and brambles covered the magic home of the Grove came a spirited and bold Sylvari. Armed with a bow and a quiver she set about delivering swift retribution to those who threatened her native lands.

With a sharp wit and valiant heart, the young adventurer set out into Tyria where it’s inhabitants would soon fall under the spell of the Sylvari known as Brazen Fyre.

Wearing :Transmuted Rawhide vest of the Eagle, Arcon Leggings of Dwayna, Aidans Gloves and Berserkers Emblazoned boots in Royal Rose, Blood and Icing dyes. Wielding Dragons Jade Hornbow of Accuracy.

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