Bubblegum Haute Couture [GW2 Fashion]


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Here we have Melaryx in the latest Bubblegum Haute Couture

The fabulous fashion designers brought the “Masquerade” armor set to the next level with three dyes, Cotton Candy (the pink dye), Sky (the blue dye), and Celestial (the white dye). To add spice to the set, Melaryx dyed her hair using the “Total Makeover Kit“, and even wore her signature “Beserker’s Acolyte Mask of Grenth“.

Of course the look wouldn’t be complete without a staff skinned in the latest “Zenith Spire Skin“. 

Almost forgot to mention the “Wind Catcher” skin on her backpiece that is much more noticeable in the following picture.


Just in case anybody was wanting to replicate the look, here the layout is below!


This look was inspired by cotton candy, and bubblegum.


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