Bungie Gives Unique Destiny Rifle to Hospitalized Man

Bungie gives a man who had multiple brain surgeries an unreleased Destiny gun

Bungie gives a man who had multiple brain surgeries an unreleased Destiny gun
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Two days ago, Brittany Levasseur wrote a detailed post on Reddit regarding how her husband’s neurologist recommended playing Bungie’s Destiny after his seventh brain surgery. Upon seeing that post, Deej, Bungie’s Community Manager, sent Eric Levasseur a unique in-game gun, the Fate of All Fools.

The gun is a scout rifle with a quality level of 70. Brittany speculates the solar gun will be future DLC but for now, the only person who owns it is her happy husband, Eric. Statistical information on the gun is listed on Destiny Database.

Three out of Eric’s seven brain surgeries involved removing infected tissue. His fifth operation, which he had three months ago, replaced part of his skull with a titanium plate. 

Eric’s last two surgeries were around the time Destiny was released in September. He went into detail about the game to his neurologist who explained that these types of games are a great physical therapy tool for those inflicted with brain damage.

His memory was affected by his multiple procedures, however, he took to playing Destiny like “a duck to water,” Brittany mentioned. “He has always been exceptionally good at games, and it seems like that hadn’t changed a bit.”

After playing Destiny for a little over a week, Eric has been rehabilitating well. Brittany said that he’s more like his old self now: leaving the house, doing chores, and making jokes.

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