Burning Out: What’s Beyond Dota 2?

The International 3 got me thinking... I need a break from Dota 2.

The International 3 got me thinking... I need a break from Dota 2.

I’ve been playing Dota for almost 8 years now. I’ve tried other games/clones, but Dota is really where my heart is. As a consequence, I’ve lost a few comrades here and there. Switching eventually to other games (LoL, I’m looking at you) created a disparity between us.

And though I’m not blaming LoL for it, life has been hard playing alone in Dota 2.

First and foremost, everyone is competitive.

  1. On an average I play 40-60 minute games pretty much everyday.
  2. Since Valve has opened the floodgates to Dota 2, there have been a lot more of toxic players around. I routinely report them, but it gets annoying.
  3. Lastly, I do take some breaks from Dota 2, relieving tension from bad games (which takes me off my prime when playing Dota 2 again after a break).

Right now with these circumstances, I’m confused on what to do next. I have 110+ games stocked on my Steam account (which I forget to DL and play) yet it does not fill my gaming needs.

So what now? Find something else, and hope Dota 2 evolves.

I’m looking towards the Steam Machines/Steam OS/ Steam Controller as well as the next-gen consoles this coming Christmas Season. I need a break where I can play again with my friends casually. 

Below is The International 3–I do not play at this level. But watching this video captures the emotion I’ve lost within the past few months. The will to play is lost, but the passion is still there. Hopefully Valve steers Dota 2 to a better future, and eventually releases heroes that the fans have been waiting for.

Shoutouts to the HolyHexor for this awesome video.

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