Cards Against Humanity: Ladies Edition

Ladies Against Humanity: because female humor is funny too.

Ladies Against Humanity: because female humor is funny too.
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Cards Against Humanity is infamous for its politically incorrect yet painfully hilarious combinations. Since its start in 2011, CAH has issued 4 commercially-available expansion packs and 5 limited expansions. The cards have no lack of male humor, including cards like “copping a feel” and “testicular torsion.” But LA writer, Kate Stayman-London, noticed that one thing the game lacks is female humor.

That is why Staymon-London started her tumblr page. Ladies Against Humanity is CAH except for ladies, by ladies. Staymon says on her tumblr:

“Cards Against Humanity is awesome.

Know what’s less awesome? A lack of ladies and lady-centric jokes in the comedy world, CAH included. This makes me sad in part because it’s wrong and stuff, and in larger part because there are so, so many tampon jokes that men need a little ladysplaining to understand.”

A few of my favorite somewhat-PG13 cards from LAH include:

The best part is that if you want to add any of these cards to your CAH collection, you can print them out from the tumblr page and have hours of lady fun!

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