Check out some Awesome Custom Gameboys!

8bit Aesthetics makes some great custom game boys for around $100 (prices vary based on the complexity on the customization).

The guys at 8bit Aesthetics have made a really unique Gameboy here! With a neon rainboy splatter paintjob and an inverted pink backlight, this Gameboy lets players play Pokemon at a rave and fit right in!

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Here is the Tronboy, where 8bit gave a Gameboy a nice sky blue color and a blue backlight. 

Surprisly, this is the Pikeboy with a custom paintjob with Pikachu, an inverted white backlight, yellow LED power light, and a red faceplate and buttons.

A nice contrast to the Pikeboy is this Gengar gameboy color with a frontlit screen for playing in the dark, just like Gengar would want!

For those with a love of italian cuisine, I give you the Pizzaboy pocket! Housing an inverted red backlight clear red buttons and a great pizza paintjob all inside a gameboy pocket.

For those looking for some bling, the 8 bit Aesthitics boys got you covered. Even though this is just the shell and you will need to supply your own gameboy board, this shell is half gold (the front) and half silver (the back).

Melding the look of Nintendo's first console with their first handheld is the NESboy. This custom Gameboy has had its buttons replaced with original NES buttons for its A and B buttons.

And of course 8bit Aesthetics will make you a custom gameboy of your own creation! 

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