Colts’ botched fake punt “The Pagano” remade in Tecmo Bowl

The most embarrassing attempt at a trick play ever gets recreated in Tecmo Bowl.

If you saw the Patriot’s most recent 34 to 27 defeat of the Colts then you saw a much closer game than many were predicting, but you also saw what might simply be the worst attempt at a trick play ever.

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When your own team is the only team fooled by your own trick play you know you have messed up. At fourth-and-three and their own 37 the Colts line up in a bizarre swinging door alignment. Putting all but two players on one side of the field. This play has some merit if run properly as a way to confuse the defense or get them to commit an error, but inexplicably the Colts snapped the ball to Anderson and the Patriots immediately tackled Anderson to get the ball on downs, which didn’t matter because the whole Colt’s formation was illegal anyway.

And, here is that play in Tecmo Bowl.

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