Compilation of the Best Bard Jukes This Side of Summoner’s Rift

While Bard may leave something to be desired as a champion, he's always good for a Houdini escape!


This is the sort of champion that proves more useful as a utility item than as a champion. Lucky for us! This means that there's a steady income of videos featuring the best moments with the champion - and I'm going to share the best with you. If you think Bard is a champion not worth your time, these videos may prove you wrong! Or they'll just be there for the laughs.

What makes Bard such an awesome champion for these videos is how he can turn his opponents against themselves. With the click of a button he can AoE Zhonya's an entire area, and with his 'E' he can create portals through any wall (except the map edge walls leading outside the map). Basically, he's a blast to just play around with on a bad day.


Video Content Courtesy to YouTube User Purer Erzbengel.

The Portal Just Looks so Shiny!

What makes this an amazing play is how the player used the thought process of his opponent against them. Xin thought he was going to get the drop on that silly Bard for an easy kill. Well, it would have been an easy kill if the Xin was paying any attention! Instead of remaining with the enemy, as soon as that portal appeared instinct kicked in and Xin went through - or he just had a terrible misclick; either way, we see an outstanding juke at the price of only 14 seconds of our lives.


Video Content Courtesy to YouTube User Calbel.

I Can Show You the World

Shining; shimmering; splendid. This Bard was able to have a lot of fun and showed Yasuo a whole new world at the same time! By sending him to his own well for a very quick and abrupt death! His teammate stands for his honor in a last ditch effort to kill that freaking Wanderer before he can make it to heal up, but it's already too late. The damage is done and Bard pulled off an amazing juke against a very overpowered (oh yes.) opponent.


Video Content Courtesy to YouTube User MajorNoobGaming.

Feels Like I'm Invisible

 This was hilarious for how the Bard played it out. I mean, he was able to escape by leading his opponents to where he wasn't going to be with a magical journey. Cassiopia and Corki have no idea what to expect when they begin the chase. Well, to be fair they both thought he took his own portal to begin with; but Bard expects that and expertly hides in the bush right beside his portal. While they're still looking, and while Corki figures out how the portal works, Bard makes his move and heads home. Genius!


Video Content Courtesy to YouTube User Stage Nine.

No, You go, I Stay

Like a rude taxi driver this Bard decides to make his opponents go the opposite direction of where he's going to go - in style. What makes this play better than some of the other ones out there is just how effective his jukes can be. If you notice in the video he actually shows himself outside of the bush which lures Leona in after the Jinx has already passed through. This creates an awesome double-juke specifically for those two - and perhaps anyone else that came after him as well! This was very well done and the laughter you hear is definitely validated with an escape like that.


Video Content Courtesy to YouTube User Samite.

Go Away Susan

 This Bard is having a bad day. He's all alone in the world and he's being chased by a Nasus, I mean, my day would be ruined! This player decides he doesn't want to die however - and the chase is on. All through purple side's blue jungle, back and forth through bottom lane and back until help finally arrives and the Hecarim saves the day! Not only did the Bard escape, he also got some of that sweet assist gold for all his hard work and the magical journey ends on a high note.


Video Content Courtesy to YouTube User deek butt.

It's a Magical Journey

Here we see the beginnings of a teamfight gone wrong - until it does go all wrong. The Bard is left all alone to fend himself against a fed Darius and the Garen god, so he decides to get out of there alive! Through the use of a portal he leads them from bottom lane to the river and back again, until he takes the same portal for a second time giving him the distance he needed to make an effective escape! But it wasn't all him this time, those little chimes really helped out immensely with their slows and speed boosts, but he definitely took those two bruisers for the ride of their lives.


Video Content Courtesy to YouTube User Morqana LoL.

Come and Get me Big Boy

While Bard has some of the best jukes of almost any champion in terms of creativity, we don't see enough jukes into death like the Yasuo video we saw earlier. This is by far my own personal favorite clip I've seen from Bard players - this guy manages to bait the enemy Garen straight into a Nunu ultimate while he sits back and laughs to himself (you know he did, you would!) at the sheer awesome of what just happened. I can say this, there's no doubt in my mind that Garen is absolutely furious at that one!


Video Content Courtesy to YouTube User Calbel.

The Great Escape

No, there's no movie theater associated with this clip - although there should be! Not only do we get to bear witness to an awesome escape, we also get to hear some commentary from the player himself on why he did what he did. Basically it's a self explanatory juke, but that doesn't mean there's nothing left to say! While his escape employed leading his opponent into his ultimate, the real hero is really Scuttle Crab. Without his crably appendage this Bard would be nothing more than food for that Nautilus coming right on his tail. All hail the scuttle of scuttle crab!

*Many Scuttle Crabs were harmed during the making of this film. All hail the rebirth!


Video Content Courtesy to YouTube User Pawnce.

You go on Ahead

 This is just beautiful, literally everything about this juke would make me feel like a baddie if I was on the enemy team. We start off by seeing Bard create a portal from blue side's Blue up to the top lane; but as he takes it the enemy Blitzcrank does something a Blitzalways does, he knocked him up just in time to knock him out of the portal. So while the entirety of the enemy team heads straight to top lane, our hero Bard is left wandering back to his base with so little health you just know the enemy lost their shit!


Video Content Courtesy to YouTube User Best LOL Moments.

I'm Out {NSFW Language}

So there's a fight Bard doesn't want to be a part of, but he's there anyways. While his good friend Rengar goes in for a kill that we all know he really shouldn't - we can tell by his death! Warwick begins his chase and we see just how slippery a Bard can be. After taking his own portal that places him right by some enemy minions, the WW follows suit and ends up stunned on the other side (not figuratively) and left unable to chase. You just know that player is proud of themselves, along with the song in the video it really just pulls it all together for a great escape!


Video Content Courtesy to YouTube User MossiahHD.