Convention Stories Part 1

It's like Masterpiece Theater, but I don't have a fancy library to tell you stories from.
Come everyone gather around the fire.
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Today your captain will be retelling the stories of people who have gone to conventions. So get comfortable, and you may want to bring a snack.

Our first two stories come from a friend of mine who cosplayed Britain from Hetalia Axis Powers.

They Aren’t Always Nice

We were all in a big CUAnime group, rather giggly because a crap ton of people wanted to take our picture, and we were pointing out different Hetalia cosplayers that walked past. We’d wave, they’d wave, hugs and pictures would be exchanged, etc. Well, every America we saw had something with her: a flag, a plushie, she was in a different American uniform, etc., but this one walked past with no one and nothing. Rob had a stuffed burger.

So he called out to her, hoping to draw her into a conversation or take a picture. “Hey America, where’s your burger?” She stopped, looked him up and down like a piece of meat, gave him a condescending sneer, and said in the snobbiest voice you could possibly imagine, “My cosplay’s better than yours.” And flounced off. Granted, I’m sure she had paid good money for that cosplay, because they aren’t cheap, but Rob had put his together using clothes he had in his closet, and including a WWII bomber jacket he had inherited from his grandfather who fought in WWII. We all just kind of stared after her, a little dumbfounded at how rude she was. We didn’t see her again, and Rob was the most popular America.

The Love Story

I met Hillary Saturday of Anime USA 2011. It was magic! England, and walking around outside when I heard “Oh my God, England, can I get your picture!” It was an America, hanging out with a Russia, and a Hungary. America had called out to me, but Russia took the picture, and in turn I took a picture of them.

America–who was Hillary–gushed about what an amazing England I was and I got blushy and told her she was a fantastic America, and that Russia–our friend Shauna–and Hungary–Kristyn, who does all of our shippy photo shoots for us–were also amazing. We talked for the rest of the afternoon and into early evening, but exchanged numbers and promised to meet up in the morning.

Shauna ended up texting me the next morning (so that Hillary would stop bothering her) and we met up really early. We did a mini photo shoot, just the four of us, but they were actually more interested in taking pictures of me. It was my first photo shoot and I had no idea what I was doing. They were really nice in directing me and asking me to do different poses, etc.

We all went to lunch afterwards and just goofed around until it was time for them to leave. I did cry when Hillary left that time. I was soooo close to kissing her goodbye at her car, but I chickened out. We got to talking for a few weeks and months after that, acknowledged our mutual attraction, and started dating. We’ve been together since Dec. 7, 2011.

Now our next two stories come from a friend of mine we will refer to him as Mufasa. He tells us of his favorite con experience and why you shouldn’t name your children after certain characters:

The Good

People go to conventions for various reasons. Those reasons could be could be anime, video games, panels, whatever. I, however, go for the friends that I’ve developed over time. I want to say that my greatest convention memory was at Katsucon 2011, when some friends and I led the panel on How to Get Girls at Conventions. The panel was a huge success; as the room hit capacity and was filled with a very active crowd.

We answered questions, used examples, busted some of our friend’s balls… Y’know, the good stuff. There was also audience participation… Stories were told.. It was all a very good time. Afterwards, all of us that knew one another (even people who we were just first meeting at the panel!) got together, socialized and had a good time after the event. Honestly, I could probably rave on forever about good times spent with friends at conventions, but I would be writing for a very long time haha.

The Odd

I believe it’s safe to say that to this day, the oddest experience I’ve had was at Anime Boston 09. Well, to be quite honest, that entire weekend was odd. The specific event that I remember however (and will never forget) is when my friends and I decided to go to the pool of our hotel (Thursday night), and we walked into a sauna to find it filled with con-attendees including one specific female.

Now… First off, she caught all of our attention because her top was off, but whatever. It’s a convention, right? At this point in time, I’m not really surprised by anything I see at cons, haha. Anyways, we start to socialize with this lady and get to know her more. We were all having a good time, talking about random things. However at one point she brought up that she has a son. And I mean that’s cool right? We all love and adore children (not me).

Well, eventually it was revealed that the name of this son is Sephiroth. So of course, me, my friends, and others surrounding the vicinity looked very puzzled thinking “….Sephiroth?” Someone else didn’t want to believe her, and she even offered pulling out the child’s birth certificate. Now this wasn’t pulled out, but the woman seemed both serious and sober enough to be telling the truth.

During that convention, my friends and I referred to her as the “titties girl” since she didn’t keep her top on in the sauna. Oh, we didn’t catch her name either. However about half way through the con while I was wandering around, it came to my mind: “Whoa! That woman is Jenova!” At this point in time I have no idea what Jenova could be doing, especially because I haven’t seen her since. However I will say that she has been an unforgettable tale that was encountered in my convention life.

Our last story comes from a member of the CUAnime club. We will refer to him as the “The Rocker”. 

The Rocker

So the first con I went to was Sakura-Con in Seattle. Now, I’m a singer, and it just so happens that in the game room they have “Rock Band” set up on a big stage with multiple monitors, a projector screen, basically the works. I decided to go up and the song I went up to do was “Ghostbusters”.

I started singing and after about a minute and a half, the whole crowd starts cheering. I look to my right and someone dressed as Venkman had joined me and the other group of con goes that were playing on the stage. He stayed up there and was rocking out with us for the entire song.

It was definitely one of the coolest moments I’ve had and helped to make my first con a memorable one.

We are going to take a break and I’ll get back to you soon with some more con stories. I’d like to thank everyone who sent me these stories and I’ll be getting back with you soon enough with a few more con stories as well as two of my own.

This is Dr. Dre signing off.

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