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Crow Country is the Game Classic Horror Fans Deserve

Crow Country brings a fresh story with an undercurrent of nostalgia!

Horror has changed a lot over the years. But some of us still prefer the classic style over modern games that lean into the action portion of survival horror. We have a while to wait for Silent Hill 2. In the meantime, Crow Country is the game classic horror fans deserve.

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Classic Horror Returns in Crow Country

Released May 9, Crow Country seems to have slipped under the radar. However, it has about 2,000 reviews on Steam, and players are loving it. It combines the best elements of the classic Resident Evil and Silent Hill games and even uses a film over the screen to make it feel like you’re playing on an old TV screen. The camera angles also provide a great mix between stationary and over-the-shoulder designs.

As a longtime horror player, I felt like I was thrown into the past with Crow Country. It’s a blend of nostalgia and a fresh story that reminds me of the first time I launched the original Resident Evil. If you like the classic horror style, this is a great option that’s definitely worth picking up. The whole experience is refreshing, and if you just want to explore, you can use Exploration Mode and never worry about being attacked!

What’s Crow Country About?

You play as Mara, who enters the closed amusement park, Crow Country, to investigate the owner’s sudden disappearance. Before arriving, you heard rumors about the park and why Edward shut it down. Now that you’ve arrived, you discover that there may be truth to those rumors, along with more mysteries than you could have anticipated. As you solve puzzles and gain access to new locations, you unravel the price of ambition and greed. But the biggest mystery is your true identity. Who is Mara, really?

Crow Country is the game classic horror fans deserve. It embodies all the elements that define the classic horror genre, and it needs more attention than it’s received so far. Luckily, some creators with large audiences have streamed this gem of a game. If you want more spooky content, check out more of our horror pieces!

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