Crysis 3: Why I Am Playing a Shooter From Last Year

With a need to fulfill my shooter itch I give Crisis 3 a shot,

With a need to fulfill my shooter itch I give Crisis 3 a shot,

This month PlayStation Plus has given its members Crysis 3. I never played this game before thinking “what the heck” I downloaded.

Surprisingly I am having fun with the multiplayer. Bullets blazing across the screen as men in blue and red glowing suites dive for cover in a heated battle. Soon I was back into the crazy mayhem of what makes these types of games enjoyable; the shooting.

The interface has a similar look to the one in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. In addition to its similarity to Call of Duty games it has optional challenges like ‘get three kills in a row’ or ’kill an enemy with his own gun’.

A good friend of mine got me into shooters years ago. We would play Call of Duty for nights, handing the controller to each other after every match. He is the guy that yells to me “hey Bob we are playing Cards” in The Card Game That Made Me Howl. Ever since that I enjoyed the fast paced world of online shooters.

I was playing a lot of Battlefield4 regularly until a few weeks ago. The domination game mode was fun though the game kept freezing on me. The prospect of a new shooter seemed what I needed to fulfill that itch.

I never say “this will be my new shooter.” You never know it might be fantastic or dual. So much of the enjoyment figures on the players. Will there be enough people in the lobbies? Will they just be sitting in a corner or actively running around?

So far the multiplayer has been engaging. I only spent a few hours into it, making it to level 14 or 15. I’m sure much of the flux of new players due to it being free for plus members. It will be fun to see if  players will stay or move on after a few weeks of play.

You play as a ‘Nano’ wearing Super soldier based off of Prophet, the character from the single player. You get several ways to equip your character with multiple weapons, perks and dog tags to choose from.

Abilities like’ going invisible’ adds a new strategy into your approach to the game. There is a light outline to your character and with time your eyes get more familiar with what to look for. With added perks such as the ability to have quieter footsteps and a bow player can play a sneaky character.  

Many times I would be running around like a gun crazed mad man after some guy yelling; “Hey come back I want to introduce you to my friend; Bullet. He wants to say hi with a bang!” when I receive an arrow in the head. The kill cam reviled a cloaked enemy from the rafters to be the shooter.Bowman in game ready to take a kill shot.

Other perks increase your reload speed, armor and can turn you into a battle-axe. Nothing was as fun for me then going into an area with a light machine gun and mowing down the completion.

The maps are wild with terrain that is as fun to explorer as it is to play on. Multiple levels of stare wells, turrets and hidden areas to stalk your advisory make it fun and engaging to play the same maps over and over again.

During a face-off between a teammate of mine and an enemy I went around the corner to the long hall way found in the museum level. Finding some boards covering up an entrance to the hall I was able to breakthrough them. Flanking our opponent was very satisfying.

At the end of the match you get a nice a highlight reel of your kills. Seeing my character break through the boards and shooting the enemy in the head during the highlight reel for that match was even more satisfying and made me want to continue to the next match.

All in all I am enjoying this game and it has satisfied the itch. I am glad I got it as part of PSN plus subscription. Looking at the current price on the Playstation store it will set you back twenty dollars. The average length single player is alright though I found the story to be a little pulpy for my tastes. The going invisible mechanic and buffing up the nano suite that acts as more armor is interesting mechanics adding to the overall enjoyment though can become repeatable as you progress through the story. 

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