Developer Ditches Metal Bikini Due to Community Response

Larian Studios ditches metal bikini in favor of more reasonable armor in Divinity: Original Sin advertising.

It’s amazing what kind of effect a community can have on a game. 

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Larian Studios have already experienced first hand how important a community is. Their game, Divinity: Original Sin was crowdfunded through Kickstarter.

But gamers were less than pleased about the advertising art for one of the characters: Scarlett. 

Scarlett had been decked out in the RPG worlds favorite piece of female armor: the metal bikini. And possibly no pants or underwear. From the image, I’m not actually sure where her underwear would go. Maybe behind the oversized belt? 

Larian asked for feedback on the issue after receiving negative comments about the state of heroine armor (the example below features the heroine in a male NPC’s armor). 

So Larian fixed the problem. While in-game, you’ll have a variety of clothing options, the advertisements feature a fully clothed, armored and feminine heroine. 

Larian’s multi-faceted RPG is out this month, and with an in-game editor that allows you to create your own single and multi-player campaigns, it’s certainly looking the free-roaming experience that was advertised. 

What do you think of female armor in RPG’s and other games?

Do you want a heroine with armor that looks like the mens? Or do you ache for the return of the metal bikini? 

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