Disney & EA To Butcher Star Wars With New Franchise Titles

E.A Games: Challenge everything! -Including trying to make a good game out of star wars with Disney.
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Just a few minutes ago I read that apparently EA and Disney are banding together with the new Star Wars games. Last year it was announced that George Lucas sold the rights of Star Wars to Disney. Which in my opinion is bad enough. In an age where audiences of all ages are looking for more mature films, Disney is buying Star Wars. Irony?

George Lucas, I understand you have had your fill of your creation and want to retire–do what you’d like and enjoy your time.The fact Disney is having rights to make films, and other media’s such as gaming on Star Wars? What?!

Sure that’s old news, but I think I have enough reason as a casual star wars fan to want to rant.

Need I say more? Of course!

Disney, with its new rights, has gone off and skipped over to EA for a long term contract.

This was announced less than half an hour ago on N.A.G. My Opinion? Not good. EA is responsible for quite a few titles with a corporate attitude that’s often put the corporate profit over the consumer.

Here’s a few who apparently agree with my mindset on Amplicate.com about EA being a bad choice to even think about making star wars titles:

“Greedy game studio killers. They kill and ruin everything they touch. I am never buying another EA game, and I may have tried BF4, but I won’t. Never. Ever. They spend more on marketing than they do on making quality games. Notice the former CEO and leaders of EA are now starting a Seed Fund to help indie game developer studios. Yea because EA bought and ran all the good game studios into the ground.”

That’s one of many very, very hateful opinions I saw on that site. Would you believe the initial question was: “Why do people hate EA?” I believe I counted up to twenty detailed replies with reasons as to why the company well, frankly… Sucked and didn’t care about the consumer.

And the majority of the game reviewers and news feeds on Youtube (or the few I watch), seem to dislike EA and how it treats the consumer. So are they really a good choice to work with on a Star Wars game?

So the prodigal legendary series Star Wars, which has pockmarked history with epic quotes like “Luke, I am your father” and the infamous stormtroopers has already, as a franchise, pretty much dominated the world. It has been brought down by games like Star Wars: The Old Republic which, lets face it, was hyped up for over a year, before turning out to be such a crock of crud that it barely survived the first six months before going free to play.

The franchise has already had several ego-blows. Why add to it?

Has this franchise suffered enough?  No, apparently not, since DISNEY AND EA are probably going to turn it into some fairy tale game with really cruddy customer service and downloadable content that costs a fortune. Or even butcher the game to what they think the public wants. Which is rarely what the public wants.

There’s my prediction, there’s my barking. Oh dear, expect a really bad series of games to slaughter the already wounded Star Wars title. Now, with my over theatrical rant over, I shall now conclude this with an overly dramatic fall to my knee’s clutching a dying metaphor of a storm trooper cutout and roaring at the top of my lungs:

George Lucas! What have you done?!



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