Divekick: Simply Silly, But Manages To Keep Us Entertained

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Here at Pax East 2013, many games are available but what stood out to me was an Indie game that attracted a lot of attention… Divekick. The title says it all: you jump and dive downward foot/feet into your opponent to win each round (one hit is all you need to win).

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With it’s simple sprite, 2D fighters, Divekick lets you choose through about 6 fighters with distinguished looks (one in particular is a nurse with the name Dr. Schouls) with different stats ranging on jumping speed, diving and height. What you see may just look nonsensical but hard to look away. Now you think with a simple game, how are controls?


The game offered players a Joystick with 2 round push buttons, the size of Mrs. Fields cookies, I know, but that’s whats in my mind and I’m hungry. Each button offers a different jump boost and hitting either button twice or mixing them together one after the other is the basis of the game controls. Its a rinse-repeat process yet offers some tactics to avoid getting hit and attacking.

It may seem like its not a relative game to invest in but most games today approach the KISS (keep it simple stupid) method but it works. For more on the game, check out Pax East 2013 in Boston, not only to try this game out but to join in with other gamers in one of, or the best Gaming Conventions today for gamers.

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